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  1.  Just get it...


    One of the greatest (if not the greatest) RPGs of all time. Beautiful graphics, great story, top notch voice acting and totally fun gameplay and character development. The combat is great, hard to master but rewarding when you get the hang of it. Should be your first choice if you want a fun game to play. Just get it and see!

  2.  Too bad...


    ...it left the cinemas in my area so early, cause I'd go and see it again. I went to see this film knowing, that in most cases, sequel's are really worse than the original films. I was proved wrong....the film is extremely good. The atmosphere is excellent, the acting is incredible (and i'm not referring just to Heath ledger), the scenes are just amazing and the plot is something that made me jump off my seat. Really brilliant. Even the action parts of the movie were not fake or too much to make you get tired of the action. They were placed exactly where they should be. All in all a very impressive film. I recommend it to everyone.

  3.  Mediocre...


    Really not what i expected from an Indiana Jones movie. Not much to say about it really. It felt really good in a way, cause you see Harrison Ford again in one of his greatest roles, but on the other hand it had pretty much nothing to do with the earlier movies. It just didn't feel like Indiana Jones. That "old time" feeling was gone, it just didn't feel like you are in the 40's or 50's or even close.
    When i first heard about it, people said that it will not have many special effects cause they want to feel like the previews movies. I didn't see that happening though. Loads of useless special effects scenes, that seemed like they were there for no reason, but to fill the movie with "eye-candy".
    All in all it was still Indiana Jones, so i went to see it, but it wasn't even close to what i expected.