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  1.  Get over here!!!!!!!!! Come here!!!!!!!!!!


    Awesome game, amazing graphics really has done itself proud classic gameplay reboot basically. I recently bought it for 28 pounds brand new off here on play trade, and I am so glad I did. First off you get to practise fatalities which I have mastered reptiles one already, and secondly the DLC for MK 2 outfits is great!

    Buy this game its the best Mortal kombat in terms of not being so cheap and hard with the AI, also it remains loyal to the originals

    Gettttttttt overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2.  DC Universe online.... I guess its not a bad MMO


    I wrote a long review on here was interruped so play didnt save it so I can not be bothered to write a full review again sort it out play your site lacks sometimes anyway

    DC Universe Online

    Really good game graphics great gameplay decent bit button mashy character detailing and creating is great to very in depth and creative missions good bit tedious at times though still is great to run into or side along DC characters

    Game has major crashing and freezeing problems apparantly SoE have even dropped a hotfix update to fix freezeing issues which is not kl but yeah game crashs way to much like everytime I play it and its begining to annoy me truth be told

    Subscription is what lets the game down its certainly no WOW and its not worth 10 pounds sterling a month which I am paying at moment for this game that crashs all the time

    Game can be addictive but soon gets frustrating when in need of a soda and not having any when fighting a boss also game has glitchs a lot to and why the hell are common enemys like science police things so strong I find a boss easier to fight in terms of battle

    Menus are not so good to and bottom left cornet chat box doesnt even display fully seems stretch and im running in hdmi 1080 full res with a sony hdmi cable also takes time to get to grips with menus and features also havent figured out a lot myself yet

    I expected more from this game only bought it few days ago for 11.93 pounds and it was cheap but oh my the subscription isnt!

    3 out of 5 stars good game buy it and try it but be prepaired to pay a fortune for this also make sure you use it enough get your moneys worth if the game would not freeze so much and have such a steep subscription id of rated higher

  3.  Devil May Cry the original and best


    This game is amazing and truly the best ps2 game ever made it set the standards for gaming and made a great impact and started a nice series and anime and comics I loved how Dante went after mundius the demon who killed hes mother found the story great graphics great and gameplay great at times it could be frustrating and a challenge but this game certanily changed gaming history and created a great series the original is always the best for its deep story line and understanding of dantes life I fully completed this game and was pleased with its ending

  4.  Lifes waiting to begin


    This is one of the best albums ever words cant describe how good it actually is every song is perfect and full of passion and heart the adventure is amazing! such a good album never get tired of listening to it buy it!

  5.  Time to play the game!


    This svr game is pretty good it has a nice roster nice gameplay with physics added into it which makes it like dor 2 style a bit but better also its caw mode and creation community online is great you can make an amazing jeff hardy caw thanks to the paint tool in the game it is a very good game but need a lot of work on the gameplay still im hoping svr 12 is gonna be better but still this game is worth the buy got jeff hardy coming out to hes tna another me theme! also made raven caw and others you can download caws online and paint tool work its so good a must have for any wwe or tna fan!

  6.  Best bring your holy water


    Great film thought it did vampires justice they were zombie like almost this is the only vampire film that has spooked me a bit it was so well done and the part where the young vampire is at the window is really chilling also the master vampire is a proper nosferatu like vampire so it was a good film well worth the buy.

  7.  Got me paranoid after!


    This is an awesome film I am just getting into horrors and at first didnt know what to expect but found the film good also micheal myers looks cool in hes mask reminded me of corey taylors latest slipknot mask a bit was a good film enjoyed it although he didnt kill to many people really I was expecting a lot more but the way it was filmed it was realistic so yeah this is a great film I got it off zoverstocks for like 2 quid was well worth it!

  8.  Amazing gamecube game


    This game is awesome great graphics and gameplay great roster and great career mode and match types also has a paint tool in it I picked this game up for 3 quid in cash converters few months ago was well worth it considering its quite rare to get I got it cheap its well worth getting best gamecube game by far.

  9.  Marvel vs Capcom 3 is awesome!


    This has to be the best fighting game I own (I own super street fighter iv, tekken 6) has a great variety of fighters from marvel and capcom I give this game 5 stars for just including dante in it! I love devil may cry and I thought the game was great when i saw you can unlock lots of other fighters like ghost rider akuma and even a sentinel I havent finished unlocking yet as I just got the game also I picked it up for 25 quid brand new in game its cheap on here to from play trade its well worth the buy the gameplay is a lot easy and doesnt involved technique stuff of diffuculty like namco! its gameplay is fun and creative and easy! also spiderman surprisingly is awesome in it! I really enjoy this game the graphics are great to and it has more feautures than just arcade mode and that go ahead and buy this! Hydouken!

  10.  Scarecrow was awesome


    This batman begins film on blu ray is awesome was pleased with the scarecrow being in it also was pleased with the qaulity of the blu ray was just as good as the dark knights picture qaulity loved this film batman was outstanding in it and so was the whole movie cast such a good film loved it!