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  1.  Great game, Better Book


    Giving the game a 4 star as it could of been alot better if it held true to the book and had a few more scenarios from the book.

    Still a great game though :)

  2.  Looks to be a great game.


    Have just finished playing the demo and all in all looks like DA2 will be a great game to play and a first day purchase for me, Will definately be making a mage character too.

  3.  Amazing, Huge and alot hours worth of fun.


    Have to say i disagree with Fewzzypop fallout new vegas is well worth the price and is not an addon of fallout 3, Vegas is HUGE and will keep you entertained for DAYs while it does use the fallout 3 engine it's been updated and some of the new systems are great although hes right they do use some of the same textures but they are good textures anyway.

    Also the customizablity of Vegas is that of fallout 3 and oblivion so anything you dont like can be changed and anything you wish to add to the game can be added with mods.

    This is one of the very few games that is actually worth the price, most games get boring or completed within the first 5-8 hours of gameplay this doesnt.

    If you liked fallout 3 you wont be disapointed with this, cant wait for some DLCs to be released.

  4.  Doesnt live upto what it should of been.


    Modern Warfare 1 and 2 beat this hands down on graphics and gameplay, Dont get me wrong its not TOO bad but the graphics arent great and it just doesnt feel good to play.

    Some of the perks are decent like RC car etc, But the game doesnt live upto my expectations and i think alot of people will agree (Not everyone but alot)

  5.  Very disapointed.


    I'm really disapointed with this halo, i havent done the campaign yet because i mainly play online but its really no different to halo 3, they have took alot out of it and added a few things into it but all in all i would save the 40 quid and play halo3.

  6.  Amazing film, poor ending


    Really not what i expected when i started to watch it, had me on the edge of the seat throughout the entire movie i would give it a 4 and a half stars though because the ending was a disaster, could of been alot better.

    But still great to watch :).

  7.  Great film


    lol its a great film with some really funny bits in, would recommend :).

  8.  Quality little game.


    Great little game, although i completed it in a day the story was great and so were the characters little kai was amazing haha.

  9.  Great game, must have


    Well i love the game and love the story so far its amazing, however i do get alot of CTD which are annoying as hell other then that its an amazing game (so amazing me, my brother and my DAD each have our own copies lol)

  10.  RPG not normal FPS


    Id just like to say fallout 3 is not your regular FPS, you cant just get a gun and run in and headshot everything when you first start out you have to train up in your weapons which makes this game pretty unique, another thing that makes this game amazing is the customization the modded content for fallout 3 is that of oblivion which is totally amazing the amount of things you can customize and add into the game.

    i give fallout 3 a 5/5 because it's exactly what i look for in a game, it's gorey, funny and truly fun to play and it has great replay value also as nothing will be the same twice. Dont be put off by bad review's Fallout 3 is an amazing game.