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  1.  Amazing story and amazing gameplay


    The story just makes you want to keep playing, you always want to know what is about to happen next. Its not a predictable story and it isn't a short game like most games these days.
    The gameplay is really good, at first its scary (makes you jump) but you do get use to it, there a a load of things for you to find along the way, it is a linear game but with multiple paths in some places and a really big area so you have a lot to explore.
    Fighting emeries can be a pain since the blocking system doesn't help when two take a swing at you, although it looks cool its not as much help as it should be.
    This copy also came with a free download for 'the signal' a game add on which continues from the main game, its about 560 microsoft points of xbox live and for only 9 pound it is definitely worth buying

  2.  Good Game but could of been improved.


    First off the graphics are better than modern warfare 2 but not too much better, compared to the games recently they aren't anything new.
    The gameplay is longish, close to modern warfare 2, playing the game feels different and more gripping. however you don't get to involved, as in vechile wise, they could have added missions where you get to fly a jet or helicopters but they haven't the most you get to do is ride in a helicopter and shoot.
    They haven't added the enemy AI into the multiplayer maps, like combat training which black ops did have, I know they are made by different developers but they still could have added it.
    I chose this over battlefield 3 but now not sure if I made the best decision, haven't got BF3 to tell but I won't be rushing to get the next COD straight away if they aren't going to improve as this feels lazy and could have been improved.

  3.  Love this game.


    The single player is great but you do get pushed along as i have tried exploring and your team mates will just run off but a part from that its great. I have had it just over a week and still haven't completed it but I have been on multiplayer mostly.
    The multiplayer maps are hugh some you have to drive or fly across before you reach the opp team but you get some good vehicles quads, tanks jeeps helicopters and even boats on some maps.
    When i first went online it was lagging but now it is running great and the fact you can blow up everything does come in handy.
    I seen other reviews about needing an online pass which is rubbish you get a 'VIP' code in the box which gives you access to new maps but i got an update which gave me access anyway (on the case it says the code runs out 01/04/11) which explains the free maps anyway. So to clear it up you do not need an online pass mine game didn't have one in it and the game was brand new with xbox seal on it etc.
    defferently buy this game you won't regret it, i sold homefront for this and was glad i did its 10x better.

  4.  Too short and servers are rubbish


    Single player(3*), first it is very short, maybe 2-3 hours, the story is good and a lot of action but way to short. They have said there may be a DLC for the story so hopefully they might add a couple more hours to that. You do get a wide veriaty of objectives in the single player which is good and your team mates do help.
    To sum it up the story is good just too short.

    Multiplayer(4*), since release I have had a red bar connection but not always lagging, the vehicles are good but they do get destroyed quite easy. An average choose of weapons and some good equipment, the controls on vehicles is easy. Would like to have seen destructive enviorments but it doesn't ruin the online for me, what does is the connection which is why I have stopped playing and gone back to medal of honor.

    I was thinking of selling but I'm going to wait awhile see if they patch the connection problems and see where to go from there.
    I would say buy pre owned or wait for the price to drop as its deffently not worth £40.

  5.  Great game but a little short


    The story of the game is really good will keep you playing however the story is really short on medium it took me about 4 hours to complete, i feel they focused to much on the multiplayerand could have made the story a little longer or something else to do once you have completed it, as i found myself completing it then putting it back on my self and sat there for awhile till i got my xbox live member ship renewed.
    which brings me to my next point, the multiplayer is amazing it is a lot more realistic than black ops as players cant see you and you can see them from a mile away, you really have to creep round staying in buildings and not being in the open to much as it doesnt take much to kill/die, unlike black ops you dont shoot someone a hundred times and then they kill you. the maps are really good with differents paths around the maps a lot of cover and buildings to hide in and if you wanna sniper most the maps i played have places for that or you can have an assult rifle it really does have something for everyone.

  6.  Not a bad game just minor details


    I'm not going to compare it to modern warfare as this game is made by treytach not infinity ward, an obvouis reason why they are different.
    First off the good things, the story is cripping and keeps you wanting to know more also not a short game i play on it casually ( 4-5 hours P/Week) and i haven't completed it ( i got it 3 days after it came out) the multiplayer is great in my experience i have had reasonable matchs and people play fair. the zombies has a little story in them giving you something to do and the maps are a lot bigger the WaW.
    Bad things about it is in the story your health is hard to understand as the blood on screen won't be near full so you thing your ok for a few more shots and you just die also on hard popping your head up few half a second to even see an enemy will get you killed. The objectives aren't details you have to lissen to you team mates so if you miss it you will run around for ages as they don't repeat it or give a clue

    SPOILER ( i spent an hour trying to get down a hill instead of pushing barrels down when the only clue to do this was someone saying they had napalm in) SPOILER END

    Also your team mates will just run past enemies so you think its clear and one or even a group will be round corner to kill you (happens a lot not just one offs)
    Also they have combat training (computer enemies not people) on MP maps but you need xbox live to get it which is pointless as people who don't have it won't get to experince it now as well as missing MP ( A friend has xbox live so i have experienced it there but at my house i don't have it so i have been on both ends)
    little details like this could have been improved hope the next is made by infinity ward!

  7.  Amazing and worth the money! better than expected.


    I bought this as an early christmas pressant and haven't got off it since i made sure it worked! there is no time delay between movements and kinect adventures is fun at the moment there aren't much games for the kinect except the obvious family games but they make it fun and it really tires you out would recomend as a great christmas present easy to set up and quick and the whole family can play as all you need to join and quit is move out of sight from the camera and someone else will join no need to sign in etc. also good to have a rest and let someone else take over!!.
    The reason for 4 stars is the ammount of space needed you do have to move things out of the way but if its in the front room it shouldn't be to bad.
    Over all i am glad i bought this and hope you make the choice to as well.
    One last thing, it's a lot smaller than i thought it would be!

  8.  As good as the first....maybe better


    I loved the first game the whole atmosphere and idea of rapture, it had a great twist at the end and the same feel for the second game except you see rapture in more depth and understanding it, its 8 years after the first so maybe there is a reference or something but if it has the same twist and it already has the same great feel as the first.
    bioshock is one of the best game titles i have ever played hopefully this wont let me down (it hasnt so far)
    5* must buy

  9.  Get smart


    Its ok but only worth watching if you have seen get smart
    But this hasnt got much funny parts in it like get smart has
    Only a one time watch film.

  10.  bad!!!


    first of like some others have said its to dark and the light doesnt really help,your health goes down pretty easy when fighting an enemy and somethings there are a few so its nearly impossible and the blocking system is rubbish you have to press it just as they are about to hit you so when there are a few enemys is hard to block all there punchers and get your own in before another swings
    basically dont buy it or just rent (i swapped mine 3 days after buying and i didnt even finish the game)