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  1.  Easy Achievement Points


    If you're looking for easy achievement points then this is for you. The game is pretty bad but I finished it on hard in 4 hours and got all 1000 achievement points for doing so. The achievements stack, i.e if you finish the game on hard you get the achievement for finishing on medium as well and all the achievements are related to finishing levels. There's no collecting, no challenges no unlocking extra rubbish just play through and you'll get everything.

  2.  Great Online


    The main reason to buy this game is the online play. The single players pretty good but the true value comes in the hours and hours and hours of fun to be had in the multiplayer.

    Imagine call of duty with much larger maps, much larger teams, the option to spawn on your friends, drivable vehicles including helicopters, tanks, quad bikes, boats, jet ski's, Jeep and so on, dedicated servers (so no cheaters, EA hosts all the games), a great leveling system and great classes to chose from which really changes the game up.

    This game is so good even a run on sentence like the last one isn't enough to contain the many, many great things about this game. A bargain at twice the price.

  3.  Really Good... good... good? good! good...


    An amazing film with a really unique take on a zombie flick. An innovative, creepy and horrifying experience. Highly recommended. Imagine a zombie film on a one set theater stage as a play with only three characters with little to no gore that turned out to be better than almost any other zombie flick.

  4.  A Great Album


    A really rocky addition to an already meaty discography. This is one of Pearl Jams best albums. The whole album is full of emotion and features some of their best tracks. Love boat captain is a rocky ballad, get right is a hard hitting classic, I am mine is an absolutely brilliant chilled out PJ tune. There's a lot to love here, really can't recommend it enough.

  5. Swoon


    Silversun Pickups - CD

    14 New from  £10.73  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.73

     Great Album


    A really great album from start to finish. Even better than the previous album. The guitars are soaring and the vocals piercing, really hope to see more from this great band.

  6.  Janking Point : Fall of Frame-rate


    This game is hilariously generic and should only be played ironically. A sub-average first person shooter with serious performance issues and generally squalid game play. There are many better shooters out there to choose from and no real reason to pick this one unless you have literally finished every other shooter ever made in which case you're a gun nut and should probably consider a career in the armed forces.

  7.  Good Deal


    The RRP of the 360 alone is £179.99 so your getting the games for free basically with an extra controller which would set you back £32.99.

    Burnouts a great arcade racer with loads to do, Trivial Pursuits probably not great but its free so you can't really argue.

    If you're going to get a 360, you probably not going to get a better deal than this unless you go pre-owned but to be honest the earlier models are so faulty that I would buy new.

  8.  A good console RTS


    Whilst this isn't doing anything new its most definitely a competent rts that has an interesting story and serves as a good addition to the halo universe. The controls are good and the gameplay is solid and catered for the console so overall halo wars is a good pick up if you're new to rts's or if you're a hardcore halo fan. You could find a lot better on the pc but if like me you pc is older than your car then this is a nice alternative.

    Also the limited edition includes codes for the halo 3 mythic maps which will cost 800 microsoft points when they are released separately so its worth including this in the cost factor when buying this game if you're going to buy the maps anyway.

    All units! All units! (You'll get it once you play for more than an hour)