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  1.  Underwhelming


    This game should have been one of the best games ever.
    Aliens, Predators AND space marines?!
    what more could you ask for?
    On paper it looks amaxing.
    3 different stories (1 for each of the classes)
    but the only one worth playing is the marines (and even that was a bit short lived)

    The stories are very short, and replayability is short lived.

    Played, completed and traded within a week.
    rent it rather than buy would be my advice.

  2.  online game of the year


    5 star online game, 3 star story mode and 4 star spec ops mode.

    This game is great, but only if you can play online and pwn strangers.

  3.  Its not a Gran Turismo( PS1) Port.


    I was expecting a port of the original, with a few tweeks, but sadly its a PSP version of GT5-Prologue.
    No option to tune your car, no career mode.

    Loads of cars, and loads of track, but you can only Single Race them.

    I would like to rate it less than 4, but more than 3.
    Its a good game, but I would have hoped for more.

  4.  Klassic Kiss!


    The Sonic Boom album is a solid 4 -4.5 star album and well worth buying, but this 2xCD+DVD is amazing!

    Sonic Boom: Sounds like the Kiss you know and love, excellent album, full of top notch track, and no filler!
    You will be nodding along, foot tapping and air guitaring from start to finish.

    Kisstory: not to be ignored as a bonus disc of old skool kiss, these have been re-recorded with the new line up and have a diffent feel to them, but still Klassic Kiss!

    And a DVD of Kiss Live in Buenos Aires!

    Why are you still reading this? get buying!!

  5.  Thrashaholic!


    I am quite a fan of this Thrash revival we are seeing.
    Gama Bomb are one of the better bands of recent years.

    This album is hard and fast and great fun.

    two thumbs up from the zomb1e

  6.  pretty good


    This is my first warhammer experience and i am not disapointed.
    I got the demo from the psn and liked it enough to buy the full game.

    Its a turn based strategy game, fairly painting by numbers in the gameplay but it is pretty good once you unlick the extra squad members and weaponry.

    Solid 4 star game.

  7.  Much better


    I was dubious of this film prior to watching it, after being subjected to the ang lee film with a similar title.
    But fear not, this film is awesome!

  8.  shh, i like this film


    Dont get me wrong, this film is rubbish.
    Its too high budget for a B movie, with too many a-list (well, fringe a-list) actors.
    But its quite good.
    Check you brain at the door, ignore the fact that its rather rediculas plot is full of holes and poetic licence.

  9.  Its an SD card


    Its an SD card.
    It can hold 2 gigabytes of information.
    Does exactly what it says on the tin.

  10.  Great!


    I have read BCs autobiography 3 times now (and im sure i will read it again before long) and still laugh in the loud at parts of it.
    If you are a bruce campbell fan, or are just interested in the life of one of the planets greatest b movie actors, then you need to buy this book.