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Product Reviews

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  1.  JESUS!


    I wrote a review about GTAIV some time ago saying that it was probably the best game i've ever played, but no! no, no, no, no! This game is so good and addictive i played it (sadly) everyday! a must buy!!!

  2.  Stupidly Good!


    wow, what can i say? Probably my favourite game on the 360 so far, i kno thats a big say but c'mon people, this game is quality, an absolute must buy!

  3.  WOW


    This tends to be one of those films which not many people of heard. Well open you eyes people! This is such a great film, the story line is gripping and the performance from Bacon is outstanding. I actually haven't watched this film in a good 3 or 4 years, but i tell you now im going to buy this film this very second! Highly recommended!

  4.  Hmmm


    If u like a fast paced game then u want virtua, but this game is much, much harder, im trying very hard to crack this game but still struggling. If you want a strategic game then buy this, but beware, you must have alot of patience for this game as you cant just jump straight into to it like virtua tennis!

  5.  Quality


    This is a great deal! As soon as i get the cash and if this offer is stillg oing then im going to by this straight away! Buy it and just sell Viva Pinata and The Golden Compass, simple as!