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  1.  Cool


    Good album, i really liked it, bit of a change. As we know afi tend to change from album to album. Not their best but gooood.

    It isnt sing the sorrow though!!

  2.  This has been out a while and is good.


    A fan of Rubik's cube i bought this, it is a good puzzle but it only gets 4* becuase unlike the cube it incorperates a lot of luck as well as skill. I prefer the cube because i can reliably solve it but this is great to add to a collection or for some instant frustration.

  3.  Alright.


    Not boasting but i can solve this, and the others in the range. strangely being the official brand its one of the worst ones. I reccomend an eastsheen brand or even a mefferts. type them into google for help.

  4.  Brilliant


    Ignore anyone who says its bad ignore anyone who says its not as good as XL...if anything its better..i and my family were in physical pain from the amount of laughter .he leaves you gasping for air trust me buy it

  5.  Insanity


    There is a new definition of insanity those who can buy this but dont!!! This is fantastic!!!! A must buy for a jimmy carr fan and for people who love to laugh

  6.  Awsome


    For me Halo 2 was the best campaign/story of the three but halo 3 has a good story line and fantastic gameplay great by yourself better on co-op and the online matches are fantastic they are brilliant the ranking system is enough to keep you hooked as you strive to be the best i got it for £10 but i would pay £40 any day.

  7.  Great game


    Why would you complain when it is £17 and maybe its not as good as the original series but its very different it cant be judged by the old ones standards as they are quite different. To put it simply it is a great game i would reccomend to anyone but it can be frustrating when you have to tap x at an insane speed.

  8.  Awsome


    It's always out of stock which probably says a lot about the game. I finally managed to get a copy and it's actually amazing all the levels for just under £15 it's actually mad. Lovely looking graphics good game play and is quite funny at times. Brilliant game.

  9.  Good but worth the extra cash???


    i got one of these for my birthday and i have to say i was dissapointed...in my parents. i told them to take it back and buy a 60gb premium. i know sounds a little brattish but it isnt worth the extra money for space you will never use. get the 60gb edition its fantastic as all the consoles its cheaper but has the space u dont get with the arcade. i hope this helps. plus you can buy more games etc. with what you save from not getting the elite.

  10.  Good films


    i have seen both of these fantastic films, as they say the storylines are never truly great but its a martial arts film, were you really wanting to watch these films for amazing plots?

    i want to buy this version can anyone tell me if its dubbed or subtitled?