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  1.  Like having a 2nd life


    This game just draws you in. I have been playing for over a year non stop now no other games allowed during Fallout time. It has everything you could ever want and the story is just amazing. If you were dissapppointed in New Vegas don't take it out on Fallout 3 there completely different. I would pay 100 pounds for this game so 4 is a steal.

  2.  Das-boot


    Incredibly fun. An adrenaline ride that gets your heart pumping and your thumbs aching. Great stress reliever.

  3.  Could have been so much better


    I was a little disappointed by this. The graphics are good but it just feels like a mega dumbed down PC game. If you have a PC and like your strategy games don't bother buying this. Saying that it is a nice edition if your a Halo Worshipper.

  4.  Fear the Darkness


    Not what I was expecting at all. I assumed it would be a puzzle game but its not its an incredibly realistic thriller that chills to the bone and draws you in with days of gameplay. The action is great but better still the graphics are immense and you seem to forget you are playing a game and its not real. Better than COD any day.

  5.  Great buy


    This is cheap and really good. Don't bother with PS3 though waste of money. A ps2 is quiet, efficient and generally just a great buy. In the later games graphics that cost about 3 quid are close to that of xbox so for these prices, Bargain!

  6.  Hmmm I wouldn't bother


    I love rpg's but this is disappointing mainly from the fact you have no map or objectives....so how are you supposed to get around or know what your doing? The fights are good but they are so short and aren't many of them. Played the game for about 5 hours and all together probably had about 20 minutes of fights.

  7.  WOW AMAZING!!!


    If you don't have the original don't bother buying it buy this instead. The campaign is longer than they say its more like 12 hours of game play at quite a quick pace. The online is exactly the same as the old one which is why you don't need to buy the old except now it has cool zombie missions and a lot more characters including the ability to play as a zombie.

  8.  Not just a guide


    Not only if it an amazing guide that tells you everything except stuff about the Limited Edition game it also has little interviews and all the artwork and concepts for it. ON top of that you also get a tattoo set that looks pretty sweet considering I hate wearing tattoos on Fable III

  9.  The Best!


    the only game i have never been able to stop playing. Much better than the 2nd and 3rd. It has so much more character and the time period is so much better. Only flaw is apparently noone could swim in the 1200's not even top notch assassins. overall the best game in existance apart from maybe Gears of War2 or Fable 2.

  10.  hmm


    Don't know if its me but for me this just doesn't cut the cheese compared to the first one. A few more weapons thrown in and a few more assassinations. Eziol is a wimp and couldn't raise one finger to Atriel.