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  1.  Maiden at their Best


    This is Maiden at their best. Although it does not include any instrumentals like their past two albus prior to Number of the Beast, the musical prowess in this album is still very high. The songs within this album make it obvious why this band is arguably branded as one of the most influential metal bands of all time.
    A worthy Maiden album to purchase as one of the songs is recognised as Iron Maiden's best song by far.

  2.  Top 5 Favourite Movie


    This is one quality movie. This was the one movie which made me feel every penny was worth into buying the 5.1 surround sound. The film provides top quality sound, and the CGI and special effects are way beyond its time. This movie deserves more credit than it has, and is one of the wonders of film making. It provides some truly remarkable scenes which you will never forget after seeing it on your beautiful HDTV.

    The film itself is an instant classic, and deserves to bear the classic name of King Kong. It has great acting from all casts, a great storyline which consists of 3 different settings, and the effects are a pure spectacle. King Kong is named the Eighth wonder of the world, but the film itself should also be seen as a wonder in film making.

  3.  Top Quality Sound


    I watched this movie with 5.1 surround sound, and it is fantastic. The sounds are so crisp and clear and you can hear almost every detail (every little glass break, or rock rolling and the direction it came from). This movie also supports 7.1 surround sound, so I cant even imagine how much better than can be. The movie itself is good, with a good story and great action sequences.

  4.  It Delivers


    Nice and comfortable, and represents my favourite album of all time. At first glimpse the design on the shirt doesn't look great, but it suits the style of shirt. It's a Metallica Ride the Lightning t-shirt and nothing more, but with it being my favourite album of all time, I absolutely love this t-shirt.

  5.  Killer Design


    This is one incredible shirt. Although the design does not represent any specific Metallica album, it still represents the ruthlessness and heaviness of the Metallica. It's comfortable, and decent quality material for the price. The colour is perfect as it suits the style of shirt.

  6.  Innovative Debut Album


    This was the first Iron Maiden album I listened to, and it really got me into Iron Maiden. It's inspired me as a guitarist, and the level of innovation here is truly remarkable. I love the double guitars in most songs, and the opening track is really upbeat which creates a good vibe for the rest of the album. A few songs I find quite boring, but if you can spare a few less remarkable songs for 3 or 4 truly stunning songs of rock and roll, then buy this album.

  7.  Good Movie


    Before I watched this movie, I didnt know what to expect due to so many mixed reviews. But after sitting through almost 2 hours of it, I can say that this is an entertaining piece of work. It has tolerable plot, nicely executed gore and tense moments. A typical set of traits a horror film should have, some may say, and in the end this is no more than a good film. Its nothing special but it wouldn't hurt to have it in your blu ray collection; and considering all the poor horrors that have been released lately, this movie could be a great addition to your blu rays.

  8.  Unique Poor Comedy


    Credit to the idea they came up with for the film (not really an easy task if you consider the release of films such as 'Teeth') however the ideas were poorly executed. As mentioned in a previous review, Jack Black is indeed hit and miss and I found him 'top of the ladder' annoying in this film.

    This movie actually reminds me of the film 'Cable Guy'. Now if you found the acts of Jim Carey in that movie tolerable then you may possibly like this film.

  9.  Laugh Out Loud


    A remarkable yet hilarious yet touching yet dramatic and it even makes you think. This film has so many qualities that for £13.99 (or 3 for 2) there is no reason why you shouldn't buy it. It's one of the most funniest comedies I've seen and deserves every star it can get (if not more).

  10.  Hours of Entertainment


    Pre-warning for thos who buy this game: do not judge until you have played atleast a few hours of this game. The game starts off mighty slow and will tempt even the mightiest of RPG fanatics. It takes a while until the game gets going and will bring you a deep and enjoyable gaming experience.

    I must stress however that although the game is brilliant in its own right, it is too similar to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. So if you are still in the middle of Oblivion and still having a blast at playing it, then stick to it. This game is a good alternative for when you either finished or gotten bored of Oblivion.