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  1. Endgame


    Megadeth - CD

    26 New from  £4.07  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.89

     Megadeth Are The Greatest Band In The World!


    New Megadeth album EndGame came in the post today. Just listened to it and it is the best piece of SONIC DESTRUCTION that I have ever heard. Every song is incredible from the instrumental opening of Dialectic Chaos to the sheer brilliance of The Right To Go Insane! Absolutely fantastic Megadeth are my most favourite band in the world. Long live Dave Mustaine 'God Of Metal'!

  2.  Brilliant, A Must-By For The PS3!


    This game is a definite must-buy if you own a PS3!

    The story line completely entranced me from start to finish with many fantastic set pieces along the way!

    Because the game is made by Insomniac (Ratchet and Clank fame to say the least), the creative design with the guns reminiscent of Ratchet And Clank is definitely in there. Each gun has a secondary fire, that isn't just you fire more rapidly or with more accuracy, they fire totally different ammo types. For example the Carbine fires normal bullets fully-automatically, while its secondary option is a grenade launcher, the same goes for the Auger that can shoot through walls, while its secondary option deploys a shield.
    The grenade types are also worth a mention, because there are lots of funny ways you can kill your enemies, by either setting them on fire, by throwing a hedgehog grenade (spiky ball of death) or spider grenades. All great fun and none of them i wouldn't use!

    The AI in both the single player and coop modes is very impressive, you won't just have static enemies that soak up gunfire, they intelligently try and flank you and depending on what difficulty you choose (i completed the game on the hardest), they storm you and you have to react quickly in order to survive.

    The graphics are beautiful to look at, but there are a few low res sections, however these are normally found in parts of the game where there is lots of things going on. This game would not be playable on the 360!

    The Coop is where this game really shines, a complete lag free experience with 8 players, blasting through specifically created levels for coop. These levels arn't entirely easy either, if its just you and a mate, you might need to recruit more, because the amount of enemies on screen at one time is incredible and the AI is really tricky to beat! The online stat tracking is second to none and the 3 classes of characters you can choose from are all fully upgradeable with new guns etc and it takes a long time to get up to the highest rank in one particular class. This could be a standalone part of the game itself!

    Vs. 60 players online!, this is hardly ever heard off on a console, but they have executed it brilliantly in Resistance 2 with multiple match types and some great level designs!

    All in all along with Killzone 2, this is a vital addition to any PS3 owners' collections

  3.  Agree with previous reviewers, game good


    I picked up Sonic the hedgehog, thinking that it would be more like the Dreamcast version that i loved and worshipped. I am pleased to say that sonic on 360 does retain some of that awesomeness. The game is basically exactly like the Dreamcast version, except that when you pick stages, you have to run round the stupid town of soleanna. This is the most annoying bit of the game, because you have to complete pointless challenges to unlock the next stage. This is where sonic on 360 excels the most, because the stages are excellently made and designed and you really want to time attack the stages to try and get the best time. To be honest if you are a sonic fan and don't mind doing stupid challenges then this game is perfect for you. Otherwise just download the original 2d version of XBLA or get a dreamcast for £20 :D

  4.  Very much Agree, song are awesome, but out of sync sound!!!!


    Yeah the top reviewer is right that the sound is out of the sync with what the band do. The sound quality in general is quite poor. The actual time that the production team must have spent on this DVD was very little. If you want quality Metallica get S&M or something with good reviews. Metallica rock, but not here!!!!

  5.  Absolutely Fantastic. A must-buy anime!


    When i saw the other reviews on this anime i was a tad sceptical, but i gambled on it because it was made by the legendary Katsuhiro Ôtomo (AKIRA).
    One Word. Mindblowing.
    animation 5/5
    sound quality 5/5
    story 5/5
    epicness 5/5
    The whole story from start to finish leads you through this brillaint anime. The plot is well designed with some excellent plot twists. Awesome characters and some of the best action scences since Akira was released. I have never seen an anime this EPIC since Akira and for the price, then there is no question of what you gotta do. The world of steam never seemed so good. MUST BUY

  6.  Fantasic Game, Must-have for any Beat Em-up or 'Z' fan


    This is a fantastic beat-em up game with graphics nearly as good as the actual anime. There are technical oddities like the voices not being in sync with the character, but hey. It is really accessable to all ages because its a combination between a really simple fighter and say 'street fighter'. Its really simple to get into but this game has loads of depth in it and some of the more advanced moves to pull off are really difficult. Loads of characters from the show are in this game and there is a massive sense of achievement because every battle you complete you unlock something. The drama pieces do get a little annoying because you can't skip them but apart from that its an awesome game. Before you go online its best to play the game at least half way through so you have some drama pieces, characters, ultimate attacks and transformations to choose from. Through the Z chronicles campaign you get to play as the good and bad guys. The sense of power when you launch a Kamehameha is just mind-blowing. The online is also fantastic with hardly any lag. Basically an amazing brawler and a fantastic game for the 360 and ps3

  7.  Good for a quick Fix


    This game is really good and is one of the 360's must-buys. However the game does get extremeley repetetive after a while like the other reviewers said. However after watching Dawn of the Dead, there's nothing more fun than killing zombies with a guitar :D

  8.  Amazing and Brillaint and Fantastic. Mental!!!!


    If you like Dream Theater at all this DVD is a must-buy. Is completely fantastic and will blow you away. Loads of excellent songs and the band really enjoy themselves!!!!!

  9.  Fantastic. A serious MUST buy for the 360


    Really excellent game i have enjoyed it loads so far. Story line is original and always draws me in whenever i play the game. The excecution kills (close combat shooting) are great fun and always vary depending on what direction you attack from . The powers are also very original, but obviously i wont spoil what you get here. Basically the game is really fun to play. The only problems i have had are the auto-aim system is really weird and sometimes doesn't hit what i shoot at (as in lights that kinda thing) and the multiplayer is not exactly great either since you dont get to use any of your darkness powers and can only use the in-game weapons and become a darkling. All in all an excellent game however and well worth getting!!!!

  10.  Fantastic...A MUST BUY FOR XBOX 360


    This is a fantastic title and it is a must buy. The single player campaign is truly captivating and i felt myself being transported through another world. You can truly relate to the character's cause of why they are fighting the Locust. The weapons in Gears of War are truly astonishing and they all have their uses. It was a genius idea to add a chainsaw onto the 'lancer' and it is satisfying ripping into a Locust and watching it's blood splatter all over the screen. People say the multiplayer was tacked onto the end of GEARs however and i would agree that the modes arn't exactly unique or particularly different, but the game is still one of the best experiences i have had on Xbox Live! Well worth getting a 360 for this game alone, nevermind all of the other fantastic exclusives (Halo 3 i'm looking at you)! Must Buy