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  1.  PES is back!


    Well after last years edition I was really anxious this year and was not expecting much, but I was so pleasantly suprised to find that the old PES magic from 5 and 6 was back!

    On the pitch its awsome, slick visuals and great gameplay. It reminds me a lot of PES 6. I love the new control system for performing skills with the D pad. My only minor gripe is the goalies still parry the ball too much, and the refrees make the odd poor descision, just like real football I guess though!

    Unlike the insecure Fifa fan boys, I don't need to slate the oppositions game, or pose myself as being a converted fan from one game to the other.

    Well done Konami!

  2.  Nothing new? Demo review


    Hopefully this isn't the case but from the looks of the demo there's little improvement, just the addition of some new courses and different commentators.

    May aswell just have a course upgrade package!

    It'll be worth buying if you like golf and don;t have 2007 or 2008, but if you don't and can live without some nice new courses then there seems to be little value here!

  3.  Masterpiece


    Quite simply this game is a masterpiece! Gripping storyline, great gameplay, and amazing graphics! I have loved all the MGS series and this one certainly lives up to its ultra high stanadards of the previous releases! Uncharted was the best single player storyline game out on the PS3, now its MGS4!

  4.  Possibly the best horror film ever made!


    The Orphanage is a refreshing change from other horror films which use endless amounts of gore to make your stomach turn. It doesn't need to resort to such measures, and manages to have you gripping the arm rests of your seat and wanting to look away with its intense storyline and the terrorfying atmosphere it creates. The ending is very well thought out and definately doesn't dissapoint! The acting, especially from Belén Rueda (Laura) is awsome.

    Definately the scariest film i've seen in the last few years! A must buy if you love this genre!

  5.  Still the best all round FPS game on the PS3 yet!


    This has got to be one of the best buys still for the PS3. It really does warrant its 5 start rating. Call of duty 4 is great, superb graphics and gameply, but if you want lifespan too, this is the game for you IMO. I feel this is a far more all rounder with a more polished online system than that of COD4's! All though i must admit the campaign mode is not as good, but still very very enjoyable! Buy it if you don't have it!

    Graphics good, not mind blowing but still very good, and you have to take into consideration that this was a launch title. The campaign mode has over 30 levels and will keep you playing for ages. The controls are they best for any FPS i've seen so far.

    Then comes the best part, the online play, which is flawless. You can get into games to quickly and easily, and there are many different options to choose from. It also plays so smoothly, whether its a map with 8 players, or ones with 32, I have never experienced any lag.

    Great stuff Insomniac gaming 5/5

  6.  Graphics are superb, gameplay is awsome, shame its so short


    I have mixed opinions on COD4, yeah I agree the graphics are amazing, and there are some great levels. Sadly as with other next gen games at the mo though its over a bit too soon! The online play is good, but to me is no where near as addictive, varied or reliable compared to Resistance's. Still well worth 40 quid though, i just wish the campaign mode was longer!

  7.  Possibly the best game on the PS3 yet!


    funnyonion and 360handsdown are obviously little xbox fanboys, you've obviously never played this game!

    Anyways....Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is possibly the best game realeased yet on the PS3. You can see why the graphics have been said to best on a games console so far by many different sources, they are just breath takingly stunning, and the game plays so smoothly too, there is never any slowdown!

    The game has a great balance of gameplay. Quite a bit of problem solving to do, and plenty of action as well. The enemy AI is good and the factor of not stacks of ammo laying around means you have to be accurate with your shooting and not spray bullets everywhere. Its also very fun killing enemys from brutal close combat combos which results in you recieving double the ammo. The controls are very easy to pick.

    All in all this is a MUST have if you own a PS3. Defo worthy of 5 stars!

  8. NBA 2K8

    NBA 2K8


    3 New from  £8.54  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.69

     Wow - A must have for basketball fans


    I have to admit this is my first experience of the 2k NBA series. My opinion is that this is the best basketball game I have ever played, and I can see why people say its the Pro Evo of the basketball series. You feel so in control with this game!

    First off, I have seen reviews slighlty putting this game down due to players occasionaly missing easy open looks and lay ups. This can easily be irradicated. If you go to the 'My NBA' option, then chose game sliders. cahnge the options from:

    short shots - 50
    mid shots - 50
    3 pointers - 50
    dunks - 50
    lay ups - 50
    dunks in traffic - 50

    To options you feel is more realistic, personally I did this:

    short shots - 55
    mid shots - 53
    3 pointers - 53
    dunks - 50
    lay ups - 60
    dunks in traffic - 50

    Do this for both user and CPU. These small and simple changes make the game just like real basketball. The gameplay is jsut about faultless, its so realistic and enjoyable. The controls are easy to pick up.

    There are plenty of different game modes, such as regualar season mode, dunk contest, blacktop and many more.

    Then theres the graphics and movement of the players which is just superb. I don't give many games 5 stars but this is well worthy of it!

  9. PES 2008

    PES 2008


    4 New from  £12.80  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     Average PES gameplay, and the frame rate is SHOCKING


    Well this is an average at best attempt from konami, my gripes are that the game speed is a touch too fast and you have to wait for the ref to blow his whistle to re start play which is annoying!
    But tge major issue is the frame rate though, its awful and makes the game unplayable, seriously, what are konami doing? the graphics are not even that good so I can't see why its so glitchy! Very dissapointed!

    UPDATE - Install the game to your HDD through the system settings mode, and turn off the stadium effects to majorly improve the frame rate! Still ridiculous you have to do this though!

  10. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08


    7 New from  £1.67  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98

     Dreadful....As usual!


    Well I have tried Fifa for the first time in 8 years, and I have realised again why I stay away from the series. Its simply dreadful. The gameply is terrible, the ball is so sticky, and shooting is so inconsistant. Why can EA make great Basketball and Ice Hockey games, but still can't master football games?