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  1.  An utter disappointment


    Having been a fan of this series since Soul Blade, this game nearly left me in tears.
    The story mode, one of the series finest points has been reduced to almost nothing. The background of the characters, the war between the 2 swords, the tales of vengeance, of good and evil, are all but gone. One of the series major pulls was the detailed story behind each and every character, yet in this we get almost nothing.
    It seems the developers were so hyped up about the fact that it's now online, they forgot to put any work into the single player.
    So after this critism, why not just one star then? Because the graphics are absolutely sublime, character movement is smooth and the combat is as delicious as ever, and no matter how empty the story mode (that I so love) and the overall single player is, the multiplayer and graphics cannot be faulted.
    "An utter disappointment" may be a little harsh, but I really did feel so disappointed playing this game, that I couldn't keep it, and returned it within the week. I couldn't handle paying for something that left me feeling so empty.
    I tried to like this game, I really wanted it to be something monumental like it's predecessors, sadly, this was not the case.