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  1.  The best Star Wars game ever!


    I've played it on 360, and own it on Wii. And they are two very different games.

    The 360 version has about 10 hours of gameplay and superb graphics (looking good so far), but the gameplay feels clunky and awkward.

    The Wii version has good graphics, only 6 hours of gameplay, but the controls are fantastic! Using the Wiimote as a lightsaber, then using the nunchuck to use the force is brilliant.

    Customisation is pretty good here, choose your clothes, lightsaber colour, hilt and speciality.

    The best thing is, there's so many ways to kill people! Lightsaber them, force throw them into something, force push them. force throw them into their team mates, force throw things at them, force lightning, force choke, throwing lightsaber at them and so on. The main point is it's hard to get bored.

    My main gripe are the boss battles (when you face giant monsters), this results in you having to throw tiny rocks at them whilst they either shoot you or hit you. And thanks to the "auto aim" the camera is locked onto them, so running away can result in you bumping into walls etc.

    Lightsaber duels are the highlight of the game, you can use all of the force, and your opponent can use it against you. It becomes very cinematic.

    Overall it brings a whole new level of gameplay to the Star Wars franchise. It's not got a lot of replay value, but it plays so well it's good to come back to once in a while.

  2.  Once it works, it's good.


    I bought it knowing the mixed reviews, and once I got it out of the packaging, it didn't work. Turns out I had to bend the prongs where the battery goes so that a circuit could be made. After that the belt works fine, I just feel sorry for someone "less practical" who may have had the same fault with their belt, just not knowing how to fix it.

  3. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    Nintendo Wii

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     A pretty good tie in


    As far as movie rie in goes, this is a pretty good one. The ability to switch between flight and running works well. Once I get used to the controls (took 3 levels) and then I was fine. Just like the film you can divert power to the areas you need most i.e. flight, weapons, armour.

    The graphics are pretty good as far as the Wii is concerned, but would look better on a PS3 running on a HDTV, which is normal for everything.

    The soundtrack is pretty good, Black Sabbath's Iron Man is a favourie, I defy any of you not to start singing or humming it.

    Four levels in, so I've no idea of the life of it, but you can come back in different suits, that should add to it.