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  1.  It's back & better than ever


    If you played the first few MK you know they were awesome at the time. This brings back that feeling but better!

  2.  Just Buy the Game


    I am one of those people that don't like too much hype(if any) because it makes you expect too much from a game or film or whatever. To me it spoils everything & makes a great game sound even less than average at times so all i am going to say is just buy the game. Or buy a ps3 just to play the game. Period.



    This game is just amazing...if you've played the demo and you liked it then the real game is 10x better! Don't get me start on on-line whoa... People complain about the controls but you can increase sensitivity and change it to "alternative 2" which is exactly like cod4's and make sure you've ticked the "hold zoom" option then that's it, you're all set unless you change it again.....

    If you're a ps3 owner, love fpss or even new to it or even an xbox owner you've gotta try this game! Buy a ps3 and try it! Its worth every penny!... Think about it this the only ps3 game sony has actually advertised on tvs before the release and demo so you know they are confident dont mind what others say. Its a great buy! Or just find other reviews on the internet, it gets high ratings

    See you in killzone 2 - warzone!

  4.  Amazing


    Amazing deal man wow im kinda jelous but hey i've already got mine so i know its a really good console wit great games. Pick up warhawk with it!! It wont dissapoint

  5.  great online game.one of the best on the PS3 period


    I got this game like a year ago and i still play it...does'nt that say enough?... When you first play it you will get killed the 5seconds after you respawn thats the way warhawk is but the more you play the better you get so don't worry( this game is online only!!! Like socom) so if you want a story don't bother, its a psn tittle but come in a disc form so thats good and a free headset.

    I gotta admitt i got bored of this game and didnt touch it for like a month after i got cod4 yes cod4 so its not warhawks fault lol but then i got back into it again! N then the dlc started rolling in and warhawk get feeling like a new game, i mean now we get jetpacks that awesome!! Then trophies rolled in too and now i am totally hooked like when i got cod4 and plus the ranking system and what you get when you rank up made me wanna keep getting points like 200pts a game yh that right! I do it all the time lol

    Graphics 4.5
    Gameplay 5
    Online 5

    If you enjoy crazy fast online games very much then this a really good game for you trust me you wont be dissapointed.....

    I will see you in a game and snipe you down!!