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  1.  classic


    i remember the day this used to be on nickolodeon later at night, the time where they were re introducing hand drawn cartoons, i am surprised this has not many reviews is that because people are to ashamed they like this witty cartoon, it is a classic, they may never stand up next to comedy and cartoons of todays standard but they are original and entertaining and have many memorable remarks.

  2.  brilliant


    This game not having played the first, i believe this game is fantastic in quality graphics and gameplay combining all sorts of popular game stlyes for example gta for style of shooting and aiming, prince of persia for the running and also metal gear solid for the stealth, the game consists of around 24hours of gameplay that does not get boring, it is also extremely addictive, but the story line gets a little bit streched near the end, but overall the game is of brilliant quality so if you like games that combine action, adventure, shoot em up, then this game is the one for you, but i believe wait until this game goes down in price first as the 24 hour gameplay is quite short for the standard price mark at the beginning month- 2 month period, but as soon as it gets cheaper without a doubt buy this game.

  3.  should i have bought this!


    i believe this game is good as an expansion but that is all you should not have to pay the same amount for the expansion as the game, the story is short, and the game is quite easy comparing to legendary on halo 3 i thought it lacked something, halo 3 YES original fantastic great single player and multiplayer but when odst came along the game story lacked alot of interest, what ticks me off the most is multiplayer not online, it is EXACTLY the same not even the slight bit of difference and the new maps they put in lacked alot of style it had no real graphic specialty origianl maps were great but new ones were just missing alot, i do not beleieve they should of put the same maps as halo 3 in the new one it should of been all new levels but i believe thats Microsoft squeezing every last penny but i applaud microsoft as i beleive they have turned an initial bad idea into a full game and suckered in the real halo fans for me it did not work i believe this should of been a downloadable expansion pack from microsoft for all the halo fans, disagree if u like but u know its the truth!

  4.  Utterly Brilliant


    This film is fantastic and well worth the money thats only of course you know the style of the Coen brothers, brilliant plot, great actors.

  5.  very good product


    This machine is a well built strong piece of machinery and is very quick in transferring. The capacity not being quite 500gb does not bother me.