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  1.  Top Notch


    This is probably the game of the decade (only Fallout 3 could compete) Set in a dystopian underwater city, the storyline challenges you and pulls you in, the audio logs you can find throughout the game immerse you in detail. Now the faults.... only one, the graphics engine... they used Unreal 2.5 so the graphics are a little under par compared to most modern games, but this just means more processing power for the physics engine, making the game far more accurate as a shooter. Just treat yourself, you know you are worth it :-)

  2.  Dark, Humourous, Legendary


    Played in an isometric view with well animated poser characters, Fallout was at the cutting edge of graphics in its day, and while most of the world was falling in love withTifa/Aeris from FFVII some of us were spending an evening in post apocalyptia, just stealing, killing, enslaving, pimping, whatever we needed just for a few caps more in our pocket. Dark days my friends, dark days indeed, the Brotherhood would kill you as soon as look at you, the slavers only ever respected better slavers, and the Enclave, *shudder*. Good luck and welcome to the ashes of hell.

  3.  Top Banana


    The 360 felt a little fragile in my hands before I got this case. Just to top it off I sprayed the inside of the case with metallic blue paint and it has made my phone look quite funky and unique (but who'd listen to anyone that uses the word "funky") The only improvement I could suggest is a silicon gel insert for the buttons, but I can still reach the buttons and I do have chunky fingers.

  4.  Excellent and fun


    This brings back to gaming what it has missed for a while now. Simple good fun. The cover mechanic is stunning, far better than any I've seen before, yet simple and intuitive. The music and effects are larger than life, which fits with the storyline really well, as it is set within a videogame, kind of a 4th wall idea. There are some neat enemy ideas as well, some new and some we've seen before, but all of them are well executed. If I had to pick up on any improvements they could make for the sequel (I hope there is a sequel) it would be to make better use of the fire/ice weapon effects. This however does not diminish this game in any way. It is worth playing just for the Master Chef.

  5.  Solid and dependable


    Just finished this and the last Republic Commando book. Both are good reads, this is a shade darker than the games, and though it has some cliches in it, does what it promises. I would definately recommend at least trying one of her books. She has some overtones of Peter Hamilton in her writing, but could use more realism in the action scenes to make the story stand on it's own merits.

  6.  Cool looking and works well


    This looks the mutt's when you have your pads plugged in If they are charging there is a cool red glow around where they push on to the stand, when they are charged and ready for use the glow turns green. Best Bit - Late night gaming sessions I can find my second pad without turning the lights on. Worst bit - Could maybe do with an auto off timer or somthing to make it more energy friendly, but I'm just being picky as I turn all my equipment off at the plug berfore going to bed anyways...

  7.  Great bit of kit


    I bought this to store all my music and home videos on and be able to play them on my xbox 360. If you want to do that then keep it in fat32 which is the format it comes in... It surprised me as the xbox plays divx, avi, and wmv. I don't use mp4 or aac but i think it can handle those formats too... This is a great companion to my a/v setup as i can play my music through my surround sound system or through my x1 headphones (also bought from play) and when friends come round i can show them my home movies without connecting up my video camera or burning them to disc, making this a really cheap method of storing and playing music, videos and pictures. As some people have pointed out you only appear to have 981 gb of storage space but that is because the fat takes up the space, not because the manufacturers have mis-represented it. It is solidly constructed, i had to move it about a bit at first as i was testing what files it could and couldn't play, and it is almost silent even when i transfered 60 gb of files, it took a while because of the limitations of usb, those limitations don't affect play back however as it is plenty fast enough for video playback. The supplied usb cable is quite short (about 1m) and the power is quite long. All in all it's a worthwhile purchase and works well with my stuff.

  8.  Powerful but Complex


    If controller were cars this would be a Dodge Viper. It is really does give you full control at high speed, your left thumb can control you movement whilst your fingers can select weapons, jump, crouch, or teach your avatars arse to whistle Dixie. If you can do it on a keyboard then this makes it ten times quicker and easier. and with the macro function, you can program you favorite moves into one button press, set up as short sequence where your character ducks, strafes right, jumps forward whilst dropping a frag, then ducks and strafes left, all you then need to do is aim and fire. I also use it for Flight sim as it keeps all the controls handy. All this comes with a price though, It takes ages to set up for a game and then requires some tweaking to make it perfect althought you only need to do this once for a game, then you can save and reload the profile as and when you need it, you really have to spend time configuring it to get the best performance, if you just logon for a quick game every 3 or 4 days then this is possibly way more than you need. The build quality is excellent, solid and stable, with a quick response to the buttons, although it says it is adjustable for different sized hands, this in reality gives you just two options normal or larger, if you have small hands you might want to have a go off one before you shelled out £40 as it might be uncomfortable after a long period of use, (it fits my hand perfectly on the normal setting and I can use it with the large setting) If you are a serious gamer and demand the best then get this.

  9.  Great for a starter stick


    I wanted to try flight sim and decieded to buy this as my first stick, and it works great, the stick, throtle and rudder controls work straight out of the box and the buttons on the base can be assigned for flaps and trim, as I've got more in to it I have paired it with a Nostromo speedpad, (this required quite a bit of configuration) and it works brilliantly. I haven't tried it in a combat flight sim but it seems to have a wide movement range so should react well to being bashed around. If you are going to try out flight sim then for £18 get this one, there are cheaper sticks out there, but having a big throttle control and solid rudder control (rather than having to turn the stick) make the experience that much more satisfing. That said if you are experienced and want a more professional rig, then look at spending that bit more.

  10.  Bloody Good Stuff


    I bought this for my wife as a Birthday present over a month ago and it's brilliant. The sound quality is absolutely superb with radio (and as long as you use good quality MP3s) it sound like a much bigger system. The build is sturdy and although it's made of plastic it doesn't look or feel cheap, the buttons are solid, responsive and easy to grasp without reading the manual. It gives you the option to wake either to radio, buzzer or your ipod and has two alarm settings. On the back is a mini USB port so you can connect it to your computer to download tracks to your ipod. The only fault I can find (and I am being picky) is that there was no adaptor for my wife's ipod nano (but my 80 gig fits perfectly) but the nano can still be used with it so it's not a loss. It works great and does exactly what I expected of it.