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  1.  Very Impressed, great quality, simple to use


    we tried a hauppage but had to send it back due to lines on screen, missing drivers ect ..... so took a gamble with this unit. the best feature is how simple it is to use and it does not need a pc to be connected while your recording. however a decent sized USB stick or external drive is required (there is an option for an internal HD laptop HD) but this means no faffing about with a pc while your playing a game, just press record on the unit or remote ..... its that easy! a slight down side is the file format is AVi, however for around 20 we bought sony vegas 11 HD and this enables editing, conversion and posting to YouTube easilly. there are links on their web site for free versions etc.
    on the whole a great unit, great quality at 1080i but you will need to buy a decent sized USB stick or drive, dont listen the the hauppage fan boys, this is a decent alternative!

  2.  PC Version is a Console Port


    Call of Juarez 1 is a must for all lovers of Cowboy Films, fantastic characters, story line and game play but sadly this second installment is just a bad console port. No Iron sight's, huge cross hair that hides what your trying to shoot at, poor mouse responce and worst of all (for a PC FPS'er) ..... auto aim!! This cannot be switched off, even in the hardest difficulty setting.
    The game has the same great characters and story but has been dumbed down for playing with a game pad. It looks and sounds fantastic and could easilly have reached the high standards of Call of Duty 4 and 5 but Bound in Blood feels and plays like it's poor cousin. Some simple tweaks in the form of a patch can solve the problems but PC gamers are not as profitable as out Console cousins and we are probably way down the list of priorities.

  3.  Terrible Presentation/ Great Game Play


    I dont think I have ever seen a game so badly presented. The voice acting is truly appaling and does alot of harm to what is a great little game. The gameplay is alot deeper that Company of heroes and one heck of alot harder. Each of your soldiers have a limited inventory that has to be replenished by taking from the dead/ vehicles / stock piles etc, that also includes health / first aid.
    Multiplay is much better than CoH too.
    Gem of a game but the voice actors should be whipped through the streets for crimes against the ears :)

  4.  Stunning!


    I was very unsure if the ship battles would be a positive addition but it is very entertaining and add's a whole new level to the game. Also hand to hand combat was one of the great battle features of the Total War series and I thought going for a more projectile based game would spoil things ..... but it works very very well indeed and you still need to get in there too!!
    Disapointed with the unlock system though, as I thought I get to access the unitls in Skirmish mode but Ive not seen them, they only become available in the main campaign ...... hope they sort that out soon!!

  5.  Easy to Use high quality


    Just wanted a basic easy to use camera for familly use. The camera has a retractable lense but is ready to use almost instatly. It is fool proof to use in auto mode and the video mode is really excellent, actually better than the video camera I use at the moment! Would recomend a high speed SD card, the camera only comes with a 32mb test SD card. Also a mini USB SD card reader, much easier than connecting the camera to the PC, also saves batteries. Great build quality, great image quality, glad I chose this one!

  6.  Simply brilliant


    Worth every single penny, totally changes the feel when playing racing games like Grid, simple click on, no sticky pads ....... perfect!!!

  7.  Well built, sounds terrible??


    I bought these expecting the usual Sennheiser sound quality but was gob smacked at just how bad these headphones sound?? There is no diffrence between these and a £20 pair of Creative Fatality headphones, there is just no bass sound at all. Nothing I could do would help, tweaked every setting on my Xfi Extream Gamer sound card and games like CoD 4 sound like nails are being dragged down a blackboard!! A great pitty, 2 stars for the build quality and design only.

  8.  Great Value for a rainy day


    Ordered this for the kid's, a sort of rainy day toy. For the price it's worth every penny, well built and the kid's enjoy using it.

  9.  Not a fast paced Gaming Mouse


    I bought this mouse out of curiosity really. The idea of having a hat switch on the side of the mouse is a great idea, that is untill you try and play a fast paced FPS'er. The hat switch is placed where you need to grip the mouse, even with the length adjustment option, I could not move the mouse without triggering a key accidently. The lower thumb button is well placed (but good luck trying to use the programming software??) The upper thumb buttons are also a good idea but cant be accessed easilly or at speed. A well built mouse suitable for slower paced games or photoshop. 10 out 0f 10 for inovation and effort, just sack your testers Saitek and ask real gamers what they think!

  10.  Vista 32 users do not buy!!


    Just a warning about this game! It's very buggy and will NOT run on PC's running Vista 32! The forums are full of problems people are having. A very poor show from a respected company such as THQ. Even the creepy fan boys dont have much positve to say about this game :(