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  1.  One of the best turn-based strategy games ever made


    This game is stupidly good! It has taken the Civ4 idea and given it a bit of a shake-up. So not only is something new for veteran Civ players but this is one of the most accessible strategy games ever. The restriction of the 'stack of death' makes it more strategic and now diplomacy and culture are actually sometimes preferable to war. This game has improved on the Civilization franchise in lots of little ways, all adding up to one awesome change for the better. Oh yeah, and Steam worked fine for me so I guess its just luck of the draw.

  2.  Great addition to the franchise


    The Lego games go from strength to strength. They have steadily improved the series from the starting block of Lego Star Wars until now. Lego Harry Potter takes the best bits of the previous games and crams them into Hogwarts. It improves on the previous game, Lego Indiana Jones 2, by bringing back the fun free flowing element of the games. The introduction of lessons to improve your characters is innovative, and if you are looking for a relaxing fun game to play with your friend/family member there isn't a better game, or indeed game series, on the market.

  3.  Cheap, stylish but not reliable


    For only £10 this is a bargain. I've had one problem with it. One of the recharging socket only works temprementaly. If you're thinking of buying a recharging stand for the Wii then look no further.

  4.  One of the best games on the Wii


    The Lego series is the cleverest idea to come out of the gaming industry in the past few years. All three games on the Wii have been fantastic but this one is without a doubt the best. The introduction of the villian levels is great and they have kept to the same formula as the other games, no speaking, over the top fighting and staying true to the original films. If you want to get a game that will put a smile on you're face then you could do a lot worse than Lego Batman

  5.  One of the best games for the Wii


    This may seem like a child's game and the merging of Lego and Star Wars may seem stupid, but trust me this is the funniest game I have played on the Wii. The levels don't get boring until you are right at the very end but even those tedious 'Challenge' levels don't spoil this game for me one bit. Don't judge a book by its cover, the same goes for this game.

  6.  Really Disappointing


    I bought this game under the idea that you would be able to fly anywhere, within moderation. However as soon i get near to the outside world, 'Jarvis' pops up with a snide remark. I also have the same problem as steve1701 so i guess its a manufacturing fault. The combat is sometimes too easy but the flying fortress mission was hilarious and so i decided to give it an extra star. You have to be a serious Iron Man fan to buy this.

  7.  Alright, but it's no Lego Star Wars


    The gameplay is fantastic. The introduction of more actions is welcome but the game was way too short. Also the loading screens get real boring, real fast. If you like Indy or liked Lego Star Wars, then this is the game for you.