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  1.  Spooky


    Overall a very good film with good acting and cinematography. I felt the first half of the film was better than the last thirty odd minutes but I have the feeling I have seen this story line somewhere before. This in itself, did not spoil the film for me. Recommended.

  2.  First class film


    After tragically losing their baby a couple turn to adoption and befriend a young girl named Esther. To find out what the future holds you MUST buy this film. I am often put off by films being described as this one is i.e. "The best horror film of the year" as they often disappoint but I am pleased to say this film does not - in fact I'd go one further and describe it as 'Horror film of the decade". Not a star studded cast but do not let this put you off. The characters are well acted, the cinematography is fine, picture quality for Blu Ray is not the very best but average for this technology and the sound stage is spot on. First class film, first class storyline.

  3.  Bullock's best


    This is a great family film with Sandra Bullock at her very best as a gutsy but understanding and empathetic American mom who takes pity on her daughters black class mate played by Quentin Aaron. Make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand as parts of the film are very emotionally portrayed. Sandra Bullock was well deserving of the Oscar she received and is by far, in my opinion, her best film to date. Great direction and the Blu Ray version is very high on picture quality which is accompanied by a great audio presence that accompany the football game scenes.

  4.  Great films can still be made!


    Such a refreshing film that contains not one aspect of sex, drugs, swearing or violence. Just a great family film based on a true story about a dog who mourns his owner's non - return from work It is a well made film with great cinematography around a small American town that is sure to bring a tear or two to the eyes of many viewers. The acting is not fantastic but it doesn't have to be and the Blu Ray version I watched had a good transfer but little in the way of dynamic surround sound but then again it wouldn't. A film where Richard Gere has been upstaged by a dog (abd quite rightly so) and over all a great film for the family which I highly recommend.

  5.  Clint Eastwood at his best


    Once again Clint Eastwood not only stars in but directs and produces a rather poignant film very effectively portraying a man troubled throughout his life by the ravages of war, the death of his wife and the knowledge that he has a terminable disease. I will not dive any deeper into the story for fear of spoiling it for others but I cannot recommend this film more fervently, even to those who do not appreciate Clint Eastwood as either an actor or a director/producer. If this is the last film Eastwood is involved in it is a fitting way for him to finish his wonderful career. For the techies the filming is crystal sharp (Blu Ray has definately done this film justice) albeit the scope for a busy surround sound is somewhat limited. A really great movie!

  6.  A really good watch


    Not a film I would have contemplated buying for myself but I was given it as a Father's day present and it turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable film. Good story line, good acting and full of hard hitting action. I may well buy it on Blu Ray. Highly recommended. By the way even my wife watched it through to the end with me and she simply hates this genre of film as a rule!

  7.  Unexpected enjoyment


    I had almost given up on Richard Gere making another great film but as my wife is probably the worlds biggest fan of this actor I had to buy it. The film was so good I watched it with her from start to finish and I would put this film at least on par with Pretty Woman. The acting by both the leading roles are superb, the cinematography is excellent with outstanding scenes of natural beauty which was crisply captured by what is superb picture quality. It is a pity that this title is not available on Blu Ray in the UK (Why not I ask myself?) as this would make the watching of this film even more pleasurable. The audio was also good with the storm scene captured very realistically on DD 5.1. The film has an unexpected ending so I won't spoil the surprise for any future viewers...a great buy!

  8.  A Blu Ray classic?


    One of my first ventures into the Blu Ray market and this film did not disappoint. Great film work, excellent cimematography with haunting scenes of modern day New York. I sum this film up as 2008 vigilante with a twist meets Death Wish of old. The story line is seen time and time again but this one has a difference which I cannot put my finger on. Not one of Jodie Foster's best films (she's done some cracking stuff) but solid overall performance which still leads me to think she is one of the best Hollywood actresses over the past twenty years and somewhat underestimated. This film is ideally suited to Blu Ray with a great depth of field and razor sharp imaging. I have also watched this film on ordinary DVD and although the picture quality was, good go for the Blu Ray if you can - I know it is a pity that Blu Ray discs are so unnecessarily expensive but this is worth the extra. Audio is also good with a great surround stage.

  9.  Oh dear....


    Avoid this poor excuse for a horror film at all costs. I think the makers of this film aimed for the bottom and missed! Thin plot, only very average acting, horrendous picture quality (I have seen far better on well played VHS videos) and the DVD is only average on the audio front. Deary, deary me...

  10.  Very poignant adult drama, well scripted and acted


    I bought this film only because it was very, very cheap in a High St store and for no other reason other than the synopsis sounded interesting. This film is about two people in existing relationships who are disturbed about each other's partner behaviour and subconsciously are looking for love. The two (Kate Wisnlet and Patrick Wilson) are almost thrown together by a semi planned meeting in a children's play park and the two begin on a growing relationship culminating in a full blown affair. There is a third aspect to the film and that is a convicted paedophile who exposed himself to young children and who plays a big part in this film. It is the only time when I think anyone can feel sympathy for such an individual and adds to the poignancy of the story. The characters are portrayed to perfection by the actors concerned and the script is of the highest standard and I am not sure why this film did not receive more acclaim when it was released. This is not an ordinary love story but an adult drama which explores the sensitive side of human nature. For the clinically minded the picrure quality is very good and fares well with 1080p upscaling however those looking for dynamic surround sound this is not there as there is absolutely no need for it. Perfect adult viewing to see out a Saturday evening.