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  1.  Amusing


    I got this game in hope it would be the Wii equivelent to the DS Brain Training. I found the game good fun although the coach gets very annoying after many plays, which is why I gave it 3 stars. Without him I would have given it 4. Mainly because the multiplayer mode has provided me and friends with hours of amusement. Also with the single player mode you can play against other players on the highscore list. A good game.

  2.  This is a steal at £12.99


    I couldn't believe this game was priced so low when I went in search of it. It made me doutful it would meet the high standards of the other games in the series. However my douts were all forgotten within minutes of picking up the game. It was perfect, just how a Kingdom Hearts DS game should be. Awesome narrative, good controls, graphics, same features as the playstation games. A must buy for all Kingdom Hearts fans.

  3.  Makes training your brain fun


    This is a good game offering a variety of mini-games that encourage your brain to work to its full capacity. The game tracks dates and allows you to see progress in your brain age. It also asks questions about what you did that day and asks it back in a fortnight or so which I find a nice addition. Another pro is that it asks if you are able to speak or not, which is useful as to make the game playable on the go too. A good game which I just keep going back to.

  4.  I would give it 6 stars if I could.


    Soooo good. Really one of those can't put down games. I was shocked to find myself to caught up in the storyline of a puzzle game. The brain teasers had me staring at the screen in more concentration than I've ever put into any of my education or work. It's a game I would recommend to all DS owners and one I passed around to many friends all of who found the experience just as enjoyable as I did.



    Has to be one of my favourite DS games, in tie with curious village. I was shocked that they'd managd to make this just as good as the first. The game for those new to the series is a puzzle game of logic puzzles and brain teasers. These are accompanied by a strong narrative with a twist.

  6.  I wouldn't call it a game


    The game is quite difficult but the challenge makes it more satisfactory when you discover the evidence you are in search for. There are parts where you may get so stuck you want to give it, for these I advice resorting to a walkthrough just for that part. I did this 3 times throughout the game and it allowed me to continue with me gameplay and let me enjoy the game without the frustration. True fans will enjoy the humour behind the dialogue. I found the narratives enjoyable. The characters will be outdated now in comparison to the current csi series but for old fans it'll be a nice trip to the past with new cases that didn't appear in any of the shows.
    Just a final note to say this is an adaptation of the PC game of the same name, so no differences in storylines just a difference in controls.

  7.  Button moon


    I grew up on this show I when I came across this mug I saw it as a must buy. When I got it I was very excited but I was a little disappointed as half the inside decal was scratched over. Overall the quality of the mug was low but it was still a nice mug.

  8.  Wii points are an amazing investment


    But like other reviewers have recommended the Wii Shop really is the cheaper and faster option when purchasing these. But also another little tip is you can purchase wii points from the club-nintendo website out of those stars you've probably got piling up. Although this process takes 24hours and the points do cost lots in stars it is costing you completley nothing so well worth the wait if there's nothing else on the club-nintendo website that takes your fancy.

  9.  So useful


    Much more comfort on the hand than an ordinary plastic bag these fold away beauties aren't just good on the enviroment but have many other uses. Less likely to break than an ordinary bag these are much trendier to carry around the town. Also now a lot of places are started to charge for plastic bags you may save money in the long run. A nice stocking filler now it's christmas too. The only flaw is the price, it's quite expensive for what they are and I've picked up some for a little cheaper in the high street.

  10.  This had the potential to be a really scary film.


    But no. Don't get me wrong it was an amazing movie and it did leave me scared in parts but without giving away the plot they killed the moive at the end and took away th efear element. Although even with that let down I really enjoyed watching it, and Kiera Knightley is always nice to watch.