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  1.  It's the Polar Opposite to Final Fantasy 12


    No exploration until late in the game, no towns to interact with other characters, no shops (it's all done with menus), it's the complete opposite to Final Fantasy XII (12)...

    So what does that mean? Well, it has a storyline for starters and an epic one at that. The linearity in the game only means you are dragged deeper and deeper into the world, which is stunning. One of the nicest games I've laid my eyes on.

    Yes, there are no towns, yes there are very little side-quests... but with a main story line that is very good and a battle system which, in my opinion, is the best in the series. This game is a must buy.

    If you hated Final Fantasy XII (the majority of fans did) you will love Final Fantasy XIII. It's very reminiscent of Final Fantasy X, just with better voice acting.

    Enjoy everyone =]

  2.  After the Demo


    After playing the demo, I can say with confidence this game is the best looking out of the series so far.
    I can't say much about the story lines, because that mode is not open to play on the demo, but expect all the old sagas and characters to make a return to the game with brilliant animation and movements. I think, in all honesty, it looks a lot better than the anime due to the great amount of detail in the environments and the amount of colour that is used.
    All I can really say is that it is more user friendly as even the special moves can be unleashed with a quick flick of the analogue sticks now. A lot better for the younger gamer, but still maintaining the difficulty and fast paced battles for the older, more hardcore gamer.
    There is little more I can say about it until release, as the demo limits the amount of characters to 3, and the mode to "versus" but it is very fun to play so far.

  3.  Best game this Decade


    Seriously, everyone with a PS3 needs this game. The single player has surpassed everything I have played in recent years with it's explosive and cinematic graphics and amazing and witty characters.
    To top it all off after completing the campaign, there is an extensive multiplayer that is a lot of fun. Even more fun than recent shooters like Modern Warfare.
    I can't honestly think of one bad thing about the game... I would just be nitpicking.
    Buy it now, it will be the best £40 you've spent on a game.

  4.  Where did this game come from?


    When I first heard about a new Batman game, I thought it would be just another superhero game with boring gameplay and a rubbish story line. However after playing the Demo via the Playstation store, I could tell right away that this would be a top draw game... And it is.... It REALLY is!
    I received my copy from play.com on Thursday and haven't really stopped playing since. The "predator" gameplay is immensely entertaining. You actually feel like Batman hiding in the shadows... Waiting for an unsuspecting victim to walk underneath you, so you can quickly hang upside-down and grab them. It never gets tiresome.
    Graphically, the game looks awesome, Rocksteady have done a fantastic job making the comic book characters come alive. The voice acting is also extremely good.
    There are loads of unlock-able moves and gadgets and tones of things to find in the game, including finding answers to The Riddlers' riddles and Arkham asylum interview tapes which are amusing to listen to.
    One thing that was a bit of a disappointment was the bad lip-sinking and the limited amount of different enemies to beat up. You will find that you are punching what appears to be the same person over and over.
    Other than that, this game deserves a buy 100%. PS3 owners get to play as the Joker in the challenge modes (free download from PS store) as well as Batman.
    Sometimes, you will find yourself just using the grappling hook to get to the highest place in the map... just to have a look around and find new places to glide to, or to look at unsuspecting victims to kick in mid-air.
    Check out the Demo on Playstation Store if you are unsure, but I highly doubt you will be disappointed.
    9.5/10. One of the best games so far this year.

  5.  Fantastic game... only...


    This game has great gameplay, and an even better story line... only...
    ... you have to change discs when you want to go back to previous areas... 0.o??? Even on old PS1 games you don't have to do that !!
    It gets very annoying when you are trying to do side quests, or if you just want to do a little exploring.
    Also (not a problem on smaller TV's) when you go into battle mode, the games resolution drops and it looks unpolished compared to the rest of the game.
    If there was a way to play the game fully without the disc problem, it would get 5 stars.

  6.  Its OK


    Well, I picked this game up because it looked really fun.

    After completing this game, it doesn't make me feel like writing a "fun to read" review...

    Heres a boring list of pro's and con's

    Its got fun gameplay with a lot of different attacks.
    Shape shifting is cool.
    There is a good amount of blood.

    Very unpolished compared to other games
    Gets buggy sometimes
    Generic story line
    Gets very repetitive

    If your looking for a game with some style, great combat, re-playability, decent graphics and a good story line in this genre... Get inFAMOUS. (unless you already have it of course xD )

  7.  Not THAT bad.


    Ok haze was a rushed job, that shows in the amount of bugs and glitches..
    But overall its not that bad. Compared to games like call of duty or resistance 2... Its last generation. Graphically its ok but gameplay is, well....
    If your looking for something new to play on for a few laughs a tenner really is a good price.. But if your strapped for cash, definately wait and get killzone 2.
    Overall, for the price, 7/10

  8.  Good Price


    For £18 you can't really go wrong.
    I bought this game a few weeks back and its very very good.
    I have played previous soul calibur games, and have found them very entertaining. I like them more than the tekken games, purely because you have weapons and the character creation mode is extremely large.
    However, the story mode on this is basically the same for each character, which is a real let down compared to previous titles.
    Mulitplayer has finally reached soul calibur and its really fun.
    The game looks beautiful and has very good controls. Button bashers won't win against you if you know how to use your specials.
    There is also a way to easily defeat people who block all the time.
    Nothing is more annoying than people blocking all your moves and waiting for the timer to run out, but in soul calibur if an enemy blocks too much, armour will fall off and at that time a quick tap of l1will unleash an instant ko move... Which looks really cool.
    If your looking for a fun beat 'em up then i really recommend the soul calibur series, even if your just waiting on tekken 6, at this price it really is worth it.

  9.  Best Deal on Greatest FPS


    I have played the Beta of Killzone 2 and all I can say is its the best FPS ever. I have played Resistance 2, Halo 3, COD4, COD WaW and it beats them all. I'm not going to talk about Gears of war 2 because thats not a FPS.... but it does look better graphically.

    There is an amazing class system with medics, (revives others, health packs etc) assault (faster running speeds, more health etc)
    Engineers ( builts turrets that kill enemies, repairs other guns and ammo etc) Scouts (invisibility, puts coordinates of enemies to other team mates etc) Tactician (spawn points, Air strikes etc) Saboteur (Disguise, C-4 charges etc)
    Each of which you can mix together to maybe become an invisible sniper of a turret building healer... the choice is yours.

    Also, this game is more for the hard-core gamer as you will die within a short burts of bullets. Basically, if someone sees you, your dead.

    Although this game may not be very inovative,(haven't played all yet though) it maximises all the great features of others and becomes extremely addictive.
    I can't really say enough about the graphics, none of the online videos do it justce. Besides Crysis, Its THE best looking game of all time, and the animation is fantastic.

    I was holding off on Pre-orders until I found a good deal, and Play.com comes through again. Not only is the price unbelievable but it comes with a cool theme aswell.
    I've got my pre-order, Wheres yours?

  10.  Good, But something is missing


    This game is definately an improvement on ProStreet for many reasons. But it gets quite repetative quickly. You find yourself doing the same type of thing over and over.
    Something is missing... Thats what made Most Wanted great with the inrtoduction of police chasing.
    There is not enough new content in the game.
    Graphically it is amazing,
    The Engine really sounds amazing in surround sound... but something is missing... they need something new to add a little more exitment to the game. 8/10 overall