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  1. Spares



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     One of the best


    Its so well written! This site doesn't say but in 1996, when Spares was released, the film rights to which were purchased by Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks. Although the rights lapsed, Dreamworks did produce The Island, whose plot had strong similarities to Spares, MMS didn't consider it worthwhile to pursue legal action over the similarities. He now considers it unlikely a Spares film will ever be made, as does everyone else. The moral of this story is best summed up with the quote "Memories are nothing more than a book you've read and lost, not a bible for the rest of your life". Bottom line is I LOVE THIS BOOK , the latest cover is wicked too.

  2.  One of the best


    Adapted from the novel , Interview with the Vampire has to be the best vampire film I've ever seen. The story is set apart from others of the vampire genre by its confessional tone from the vampire's perspective, making it more believable and so much better.

    Before the novel's publication, Anne Rice had sold the film rights of Interview with the Vampire to Paramount Pictures, who did nothing with the property for the ten years of their contract. With Paramount's option expired, Rice moved the film rights to Lorimar Productions, which was taken over by Warner Bros in 1988. Producer David Geffen purchased the rights for $500,000.

    The film was a major success, causing a resurgence of interest in the book and sending it back onto the bestseller lists. Even if you dont like vampires, youll love this film.

  3.  One of the best


    The Devil's Advocate is a modern parable, not a fright fest. However, the film is an 18 for a reason; it's a wild ride into that age-old territory, with everything that belongs to a horror-thriller. The fact is, its shot so well, and the story is so good, the moment its finished youll want to see it all over again.

  4.  One of the best


    I read the book, then saw the film. Both are dark, twisted and sureal, yet believable, if that makes sense. And raw. Dont forget raw. The book itself is written entirely in scottish accent. Its heavy at first, but youll get used to it, and the effect ends up adding to the book. A book has levels that a film doesnt, and vice-versa. For the love of god: read the book, then see the film, your missin out if you dont.

  5.  One of the best


    "Drama, humour and hypnotically engaging storytelling", this book has everything. The trilodgy is phenomenal, and the first book kicks it off. You dont have to read it ; but if you do, youll love it.