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  1.  Cheap and cheerful


    The item is basically exactly as described. Looks clean with nice neat stiching, screen protector went on perfectly with ease. My only gripe is that the material doesn't really look anything like leather however i have no basis of comparison for this as i dont own anything thats faux leather.

    All in all looks clean and has a nice sharp trim i would prob have preffered leather but looking at the price i can't fault the item.

  2.  Poor quality video


    I recieved this as a gift for christmas as im a pretty big transformers fan. As you can most likely guess I was very excited about this gift and the way it's presented is fantastic with the tin case and production number on the back. However when it comes down to it the actual quality of the video stored on teh usb stick is terrible. The file is only 1.5gb and in my opinion sub par. To be honest its the kind of quality you would expect from an illegal version of the movie. So in short buy it for the case and to add to you collection but youll have to buy the dvd/blu ray aswell if u actually want to watch the movie. On a side note registering to watch the movie is also rather annoying when you've just settled down to watch a movie logging into websites and creating accounts just isnt what you want to be doing.

    I've given the product 2 starts purely for the presentation and usb stick design.

  3.  Good Game


    Bioshock is a pretty decent game with alot of nice aspects like plasmids(kinda like magic abilitys) and upgradeable weapons all of which are fun to use the story is quite alot of fun to play through however theres very few new enemys to beat as well as having the worst ending of any game ive ever played its total trash with regards to the effort the designers put in to the last fight and the closing movie they left me completely unsatisfied. So if you dont plan on completing this game i highly reccomend it.

  4.  Keeps you busy


    First of all this game looks fantastic altho im not sure if its worth the loading times which i found to be a bit excessive in terms of the lenght of time it took to load between areas. this is my only gripe about the visuals.
    The gameplay is pretty fun if not a bit on the easy side there are no difficulty settings as far as i can see so u just walk through the game in terms of combat there are 3 main archetypes 'melle', 'ranged' & caster. I found that id leveld every skill to the highest level before even coming to the end boss(i didnt get all the spells as theres quite a few).
    I found the story to be really nicely done and kept me interestded altho very short. I enjoyed doing all the side missions throughout the game which are a must in my opinion as i found the main story lacking in terms of things to do. In all honesty you could probably blaze through it in a day if ur not interested in the side quests/professions.

    All in all a pretty simple fun game. Id say its aimed at young children killing and sex aside. Good way to kill a few hours and i am going to complete it a second time to unlock other things but if u want super cryptic puzzles and insane boss fights you wont be impressed with fable.

  5.  best rpg on 360


    Firstly the graphics are amazin dunno what the others are talking about :/
    Gameplay is pretty straight foreward with the real time combat but never gets old unlike eternat sonata, i gave up after a few hours. I have to admit the heal commands pretty annoying sometimes because your other party members ai isnt the best.
    Great bosses good fights theres quite a few that took me a few trys. The maze style maps were pretty frustrating for me but if you put in a good shift ull get through it ^_^
    Maps were very engaging rather than a straight walk though wich was good in that it gave you soem work but at teh sime time annoying because you just want to contune to the next stage.

    The story and characters are in all honesty my favourite of any rpg title ive played so far i found the story really sucked me in and had me itching to play more to see how the characters were going to develop.
    Oh and as an afterthought equipable weapons almost all have their own model which i liked.

    So to sum up AMAZING story and characters decent gameplay and interesing maps with what i believe to be overall very nice graphics.
    This game is a must if you own a 360 in my opinion especially if you enjoy rpgs.

  6.  waste of time


    Jumper has a great concept but the way the story plays out is insanely predictable. It has some cool effects but these can hardly make up for the weak acting and story. Works if u wanna kill an hour and a half but only if it halfs in price.

  7.  pretty weak


    The story line is very weak and pretty predicatable. I think it was a bit rushed and they crammed to much into a few episodes. Its basically a bunch of OTT sword fighting and alot of blood. Which is pretty cool i have to admit but watching seven episodes of it is hardly ground breaking new anime. Altho visually its great the dubbing lets it down as far as im concerned timing was horrific with a really plain script. Altho samuel l jackson brings his usual style of humor but short of a couple of giggles it doesnt add anything to the story. I will agree the sound track is very nicely put together and adds alot of atmousphere.

    So all in all looks great good soundtrack with a weak story and a poor script.
    Its fine to kill a few hours but dont expect it to blow you away in 5 episodes.

    As for the special edition if your into the art cards and such they are amazing well worth the extra money if you like that sort of thing.

  8.  Waiting for a GOOD RPG on the 360


    Ive only got a few hours into the game and the combat system has failed to impress.
    Im gonna try and grind through and see if the story can carry this game.
    Its basically a 10 minute movie followed by spamming the A button on every character. The combat requires no skill as I can kill pretty much everything I have come across in one turn of the high dammage/strength characters. Even in the boss fights are just spamm attack then heal/special move then rinse and repeat, the same with every encounter in the game.

    The block element of pressing B while your attacked hardly breaks the monotony of hammering the attack button every turn.
    The story seems okso far and the game looks nice theres just no substance.
    I fail to see anything special about the gameplay at all if you like walking through a story pressing one button over and over this is the game for you otherwise go brush up your fps skills because thats all the 360 has to offer at this stage.