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  1.  Awesome multiplayer experience.


    So, It has worse graphics than fifa, worse sound, unliscenced teams and less teams.
    But, more importantly than all of that is the fact that pro evolution soccer is more FUN than fifa. And that's the reason we play games right?
    This game is as always great to play with your mates and this time there's no lag online. That's all the reason yo need to choose PES over Fifa this year.

  2.  Essential


    Some of the best games on xbox 360 can only be bought using these. If you don't own any xbla games then you're seriously missing out on some fantastic games such as Bionic Commando: Rearmed, Geometry Wars, Assault Heroes and Pacman Championship Edition. I own about 30 arcade games (more than the number of retail games I own) and play.com is definately the cheapes place to buy your ms points. (you can also buy films, themes, music videos, gamer pics, expansion packs, multiplayer maps and more.)

  3.  Badass


    This game is bloody, in a good way. The cover mechanics are the best in the business and the weapons are awesome (chainsaw bayonet FTW!). Multuiplayer is also great although there are no dedicated servers and sometimes this gives the host a pretty big advantage, apart from that and the overuse of the A button the ga\me is flawless. Gory fun at its best.

  4.  Epic!


    This game has a great story revolving around you, commander shepard. The main story however is very short and can be beaten in about six hours and even if you do all the side missions you could still beat the game in less than 30 which is pretty short for an rpg. The graphics in the game are stunning although they are ruined a little by the constantly stuttering framerate. The combat takes the form of a GoW-esque shooter and is miles better than any rpg before it, this is made even better by all the diffrent classes you can play as and the diffrent abilities they have in other areas too (such as engineering). Another strong point the game has is its conversation trees, they allow you to be as badass or nice as you like and add extra depth to the game.

    It's 17 quid so BUY IT!

  5.  Multiplayer = Awesome


    OK, so the single player campaign isn't that great, it does have its moments (fighting the scarab) but it's pretty short and many of the levels are similar so it gets a bit repetative.

    Multiplayer however is a diffrent story, anything can happen online! and there are endless possibilities for fan created games with the forge tool. You can never really predict what your enemy are going to do with all the tools at their disposal. Stick with the game through the beginner ranks and you will soon find yourself up against opponents who are skillful and smart, this is where the real fun is.

  6.  Don't worry, the problems are fixed.


    If you're worried about the headphones breaking because of the other reviews then don't. They have changed the jack (which is the bit that always broke) and the volume and mute control is now on the wire with a clip so you can put it on your collar. I find the new design more awkward to use but at least it's sturdier.

  7.  Avoid!


    I've not had the weak signal problems like others have been complaining about but the software stops working every couple of weeks and needs to be reinstalled about ten times before it starts working again, when you check to see if it works between each installation it can take a long time and it's very frustrating.
    The most unreliable product I have ever had the misfortune to own.

  8.  Good but has problems


    Well, for the first couple of hours you play this game you may think it is worth 5*, and so did I. But once you get further in you realise that every research mission (must be done before you complete an assasination) is exactly the same! another problem is the difficulty level, there are no settings and the game is way too easy! You have all the move for great chase scenes across rooftops and through bustling streets but what is the point when the guards are so easy to kill? Also the hub that connects the cities is pretty pointless and you will rarely go through it.

    By far the best thing about the game is the sprawling cities, they have been well designed to let you run across the rooftops and they look great!

  9.  Still better than Fifa, Just...


    This game is classic pes fast paced footy action!
    The single player and local multiplayer is better than ever with new commentaters, slick animations and next-gen graphics.
    The only problem with this game is the incredibly laggy online mode.

  10.  Quality Arcade Racer


    This is NOT a realistic game and it isn't meant to be!
    It's old skool arcede racing at its finest, the graphics are great, there is a large selection of awesome cars (all of which feel diffrent) and plenty of tracks to chosse from.
    There are just a few minor problems which keep it from getting 5* such as the incredibly slow matchmaking system and the inability to restart a career race if you lose.