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  1. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


    8 New from  £3.30  Free delivery

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     Good Stuff But...


    EA always promise the moon with every new fifa game so the fans of fifa expect them to exaggerate sometimes this year they have finally sorted out the passing system maybe next year they will stop the stupid goal when your inside the box at a certain angle and all fifa fans know this angle because you can score from it 90% of the time but still for the passing system besing fixed alone its worth buying i thought fifa world cup was terrible was the same game with the same graphics and same AI fifa 11 is the one to get not a spinoff of a real football game.

  2.  Great Fun 5*


    Great fun for a group of solo absolutely great and to the person who had to sit 1metre from the tv you might consider glasses i can stand 5metres away and see all the questions and answers fine and when i took it around my friends house i could still ready them from the same distance on an SD tv.

  3.  Great Item for any Fallout Player/Fan


    Great item, sure you can play without it but the ammount of stuff ive missed throughout my 70hours on the PC version alone is incredible and im a pretty observent player. The guide for the 5 expansions are very handy aswell.

  4.  Great Value for money


    i dont know what happened to the other guy who only gave it 2 stars, maybe he should think that its 17.99 and it's great at protecting your phone, and you get 2 screenguards which usually cost 4.99-7.99 each and other helpful things. But theres always one person who finds a problem where there isn't one but im happy :).

  5.  Good Quality, But...


    Good quality but its one of those shirts that clings to you until you hav washed it at least half a dozen times as the face is made of a sticky texture but after a while it will be fine

  6.  Great Accessory to have


    I very rarely drop anything but things do get scratched when in my pocket so i bought this and i tested it by dropping in from a metre didnt damage the camera but i wouldnt recommend doing the same as results may differ on different surfaces but still a good case to protect you camera with bit pricey though £9.99 would have suited me better

  7.  Good to have if your a PC gamer


    i just bought this because i didnt want to rebuy an xbox as ive already had 4 so i bought this to play left for dead on my pc via steam if anyone wants to play co-op survivor or campaign add (don_corleone_z) on steam :)

  8.  Fantastic Camera, Poor Delivery


    This Camera is a great all-rounder but i wish there was and option to pay money and get it here in under a week play.com delivery is getting worse my memory card got here the next day but the camera took 8 days to get here very disappointing play.com next time i think ill pay the extra £10 and get from a more reliable website 3-5 days funny how its always 5 or more on the most important things but dont worry for a week you can play with your memory stick which will have no use :( camera is fantastic though :)

  9.  Great Piece of Kit


    Compatible With IPhone 3G / 3G(S) sound quality is great and who needs a built in alarm clock just set the alarm and it'll play through the speakers.

  10.  Ok Not Great


    Doesn't go into anywhere near as much detail as the book/audio book series but a good representation after all they couldn't have a 16 hour film like with the audio books worth the money if you enjoy the series.