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  1.  Calibrate correctly and it will work!


    The kit its self is amazing although their is a minimum height recommendation of around 40 inches (1 meter / just over 3ft) so younger kids won't register correctly with the censor.

    I keep seeing people talk about lag, I've not noticed any lag, in fact its very responsive but I think thats down to the fact that I took a little more time to make sure it was calibrated correctly. Our room lighting isn't bright, but it lights the place up and I imagine the lighting also has an affect on how responsive the device is.

    If you've calibrated and lit your room but notice some lag, try closing the curtains because perhaps there is some other light affecting your Kinects sensor.

    I thought more about how this could be better and some kind of button control for FPS and similar, perhaps a glove control like in Minority Report?

    I'm impressed, I love the Wii and I'm an old school Mario fan, but this tops it. Joyride is comparable to Mario Kart.

    I just hope there are a lot more innovations and games to come. :-)

  2.  Good item, but not if you like the accessories of your Wii!


    The item appears to be of top quality, it works well in the Wii Mote, but it comes with a fatal flaw.....

    When using the battery packs you can no longer use accessories such as the Mario Kart Weel, the baseball bats, tennis bats, the light guns for any shoot em up games. It's also problem-matic with the Motion Plus.

    Essentially this batter pack adds two prongs at the bottom or the remote, thus extending it and preventing anything going on the end, or it slotting into anything.

    Ruins the Wii experience.

    If your not bothered about all those extras, then by all means this does seem good value for money.

  3.  Fantastic Classic but lacking


    I didn't really do much research before buying this game, I saw it on another site and it stated it had some cool new extras from the original arcade version..........................

    The game as an original arcade game is fantastic but I was hoping with seeing it on the Wii and hearing of these cool new extras that there would be something more, perhaps extra mission locations, I don't know it just seemed to lack but that maybe because of my high expectations based on my poor pre-research and the wording used on the site in question. I've not extensively played the game perhaps something more opens up later, I hope?

    Still the extra experience of playing this on the Wii is pretty cool.

    Because of the lack of use with the Nunchuck it seems a waste to use the Wii Zapper, personally I prefer the look of the 'Nyko Wii Perfect Shot Light Gun' which also allows you to use the nunchuck when needed in games despite it's appearance of not having room to plug it in. I prefer single handed guns anyway.