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  1.  Excellent


    A great film. On par (if not, surpasses) it's American counterpart Gran Torino.

    Caine is awesome!

  2.  Okay in parts.


    There were a couple parts in this film that had me in stitches. Other parts that had me thinking "why the hell am I watching this?".

    The message behind this story was a good one. Although I think it could of been made better.

    Probably one of Sandlers worst films. I think he's kind of gone downhill with since Click and Reign Over Me. But that's just my opinion.

    Although he kind of set the bar quite high with the likes of Happy Gilmore/Billy Madison quite early on.

  3.  Sitting on the fence for this one.


    Listening to the EP on repeat when it first came out, my standards were set pretty high with this band. Tracks such as "Hand of Blood" and "Curses" were just bang-on by my opinion.

    Then the Poison came out. I wasn't disappointed. The album started all mellow, then hit you with a hammer and faded towards the end. Leaving you wanting more.

    This album, on the other hand, I just can't really get into. The first 4 tracks; Scream, Aim Fire, Eye of the Storm, Hearts Burst Into Fire and Waking the Demon are really good. Hit you where it hurts right from the go.

    Disappear, Deilver us from Evil and Take It Out On Me are instantly forgettable for me.

    Say Goodbye revives the record a little. Where End of Days and Last To Know send it back down again. Where Forever and Always ends the album in good fashion.

    Overall. The album isn't bad, in parts. I wasn't really taken by Matt Tucks new vocals on this album but they grew on me a little - but not much.

    I can't fault the guitars and drums. There is so much technicality. I just find that if you can't get into the singers voice, it ruins the record for you.

    I think it would be easier for new BfmV fans to listen to this first. Then get into the older stuff.


  4.  Just what the doctor ordered.


    This is a very good album.

    With anthems such as "Diamond in the Rough" and "Running Wild" standing out on this album. Saw them live and those tracks were definately the crowd pleasers. Along with "Stand up for Rock and Roll" and "Blackjack" also being big hitters on this record.

    It gets slightly samey towards the end but it's by no means bad. "Cheap Wine and Cheaper Women" is a class track and with the ultimate "Hellfire" bringing the album to a head-splitting close.

    They are upbeat and very catchy.
    Some might say the modern-day ACDC.

  5. Teeth



    1 New from  £5.94  Free delivery

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     Don't hold your breath....


    This film is not scary at all. Infact it's quite hilarious because of how bad it is.

    The plot wasn't explained. The "big" moments in the film were an anti-climax to say the least.

    No pun intended.

  6.  Shouldn't of happened...


    This film is just awful.
    Plot is terrible, acting is bad to say the least.

    Only high point of this film would be the guy who does the voice of Sid in Ice Age is casted.

    Almost as bad as Teeth.

    Avoid at all costs.

  7.  Ipod Touch....wow


    What can I say? The best mp3 player on the market by far!

    I used to have a Creative Zen Sleek 20GB, then a Samsung YP-P2 8GB. I never said I would go Ipod because they have broke on alot of my friends and the repair costs are astronomical.

    However I gave in...

    I saw the Ipod in shop and I melted on the spot. The design, the interface, the sleekness (is that a word?), the touch-screen. From a eye-view I cannot fault this. It is one sexy looking machine.

    Now I don't personally use the mail hosts provided on here, or check the stocks for that matter. But they are useful additions should you want to use them. The Maps could come in handy, providing you can pick up a wireless signal from somewhere.

    The album sorting on here is a thing of beauty, scroll through your library like an actual spin-wheel, it's excellent.

    Sound quality - superb.
    Picture quality for video and movies - superb

    The only worry about this would be the worry of dropping this little gem.

    5/5. Cannot fault it.

  8.  Not as good as anticipated


    The original Anchorman, simply sublime.
    Wake-up Ron Burgundy, not so great.

    Everyone has at least heard of Anchorman these days and there is no denying that it is one of the best comedies out there. You will need to line your sofa with paper before sitting down to watch this film.

    The other film, on the other hand, is nothing to scream about. It's full of deleted scenes which didn't make the final Anchorman cut with it's own storyline. It's lacking any real sense and has a number of the same punchlines as Anchorman.

    I'd stick to the one-disc edition.

  9.  Started going well....and then....


    Well I was slightly optimistic when contemplating ordering this product because of the mixed reviews. But the bloke in the shop I bought my Ipod from swore by this product and said it was easy to put on. So I took his word for it...

    The main body goes on fine, no problems. Lining it up is abit tricky but luckily it comes back off again so you can have another stab at it.

    Sticking the corners down is a NIGHTMARE. They just wont stay down. Once you think you've got it a little bit is flapping at the end. This product is made to fit down to the last 0.00005mm and the most minute error will make this go wrong. I got really frustrated and just ripped it off and binned it. After many attempts the cover was dirty and would of defied the point of it in the end.

    Makes me wish I didn't take the cover off that the Ipod came with when purchased.

    Overall conclusion. If you're patient enough. Go for it.
    If not, save yourself the hassle and buy a silicone case.

  10.  Flawless


    By far the best album I own. Disappointed they haven't gone back to this style of music as after Hours they haven't really impressed me. But I suppose all bands need to change at some point. Looking forward to the new one but this is a MUST BUY.