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Product Reviews

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  1.  Sensational..


    This album is what i compare every other album i get too..
    No album i have ever owned (and iv got pretty much everything) has exceeded the standard of this..
    This truly is a master peice to be marvelled at..
    The lyrical ideas and musicmanship that goes into each on of these tracks really is something that deserves to be recognised..
    I feel very sad that so many people have failed to let the tracks grow on them as 4 stars overall rating for this does not do it justice..
    Some tracks, admittedly, took longer than others too sink in, but once they did, i got that same rush that i got from all the others..
    Buy this album, listen and listen and listen and it will change the way you look at music and life..
    I'v had it for 3 years.. I always listen to it and i cant get bored of any of the songs..
    So do your self a favour and buy it..
    Thanks for reading..

  2.  Flippin' Incred..


    OMG, incredible album
    every track has it, some of these tracks like manhatten and notion shud'v made it MUCH bigger.
    First Kings of Leon album.

  3.  soo very very good..


    This poker title is amazing. I bought it because of the reviews below..
    And i have 2 agree with all of them..
    This game is class.. Very ingaging.
    At first i expected to win some tournaments pretty quick..
    But trust me, u have 2 be superb player 2 win one.. Even getting onto the final table can be a challenge..

    Whether or not you like poker.. If u own a psp then buy this now!!

  4.  Loved it..


    I personally dontown an xbox.. but i play on it at a m8's and the beta is sensational..

    Same gameplay as cod4. But new addins..

    The beta maps are awsome too.. cant w8 for the real game..:)

  5.  AWSOME!


    I bought this game pretty much the week it came out. Since i have completed it many times.. And still its never fails to impress!
    The use of the touchscreen keeps u on ur toes, graphics are quality for ds and the action never stops..

    A truly sensational game 4 handheld..
    BUY IT :D

  6.  Great game..


    Really enjoyed this game.. Great graphics, gameplay, action ect..
    But just lacked the edge to be fantastic..
    The extra features are fantastic like the pub games, gang battle ect..
    Overall DEFINATLEY worth getting.. :)

  7.  Funn :)


    This game is great. They somehow made a turnbased game, alot of fun.. An ok storyline.

    This game challenges ur judgement and u have to be very strategic too keep u in the game..

    The weapons are cool and the diffferent unit types add gd fun..

    Overall, a gd fun game worth buying :)

  8.  Niccee ;)


    First off i couldnt get into this. After a while i came back to it.. Frikin awsome.. Really started gettin involved in the storyline which kept me determined to continue..
    Weapons are quality and i like the credit system that consists of how well u do on your mission..

    Also, free weapons become available in the "black market". The amount and quality of the weapons depends on ur "local influence"
    Which can be increased by restraining and providing aid to citizens and soldiers..

    Overall, top game defianately worth the money.

  9.  Great Fun :)


    Really enjoyed this game. Lots of action nd ur always in the game. I have to say its too short but the storyline is great..
    Overall grat game worth buying:)