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  1.  Can't - Resist!


    I'm a massive zombie/apocalytpic fan and this book just "rules!".

    Max brooks goes into detail about all the controversial methods a normal citizen (like yourself and myself) could do during the pandemic outbreak of zombies! So don't think for one moment this book is dictated towards any fancy audience, such as; people with military backgrounds, a specific nationality (americans/europeans) - because overall, this book is aimed towards the biggest audience. The average joe!

    Max brooks utilizes a whole variety of methods a normal person could take into consideration during a zombie outbreak. From; detecting suspected outbreaks, potential weaponry and household items that could be used to deter the walking dead, to the most safest zones a possible human-being could run too in the case of surviving.

    I must admit, this book almost wants to make you go out and purchase yourself a sledgehammer - just incase. It is that gripping and with all the material supplied, speaking in a context that the virus that can animate the dead actually exists, it really does have you wondering whether it's true or not to begin with.

    So this book is perfect for those zombie fans and a massive thumbs up to play.com for delivering this book in 2-days flat. This is one of my best purchases on here yet and i'm planning on getting max brooks other books too. Recorded attacks & world war z.


  2.  Wait a Minute...


    When I first watched this movie, it reminded me a lot of two movies I really love. Firstly, MAD MAX! Secondly, Gone in 60Secs (With Nicolas Cage).

    Now, how can you morph two movies like that together?
    Death Race is how! First of all, this movie is for all those racing fans out there (like too fast too furious for instance), but this movie is also for those fans who love a bit of blood and gore, Thunderdome style and the Mad Max vehicle chase style.

    "Zooped" up vehicles with machineguns, rocket-launchers and many other gadgets, this movie displays an epic race fought between several familiar faces throughout. So if you love racing movies, but also love those crazy Mad Max vehicle chases, where things get a bit unpredictable and gorey, this movie will suit the bill.

    I be honest, this movie isn't for everyone, but what movie is?
    If custom cars with machineguns, gorey scenes and explosions tick your box however - hey, you gotta' watch this!

  3.  Better Than it Looks!


    I've had this game for months now and I was awaiting it's release for even longer!!!

    I kept searching up on the Internet about this game and made note of all the changes they made throughout whilst developing it. They changed a few characters, edited some levels, blah blah blah... Overall, they haven't changed too much and the very first gameplay trailers I watched of this game still show the great clarity of it!

    Dozens and Dozens of zombies!
    Wow, I've never played a survivial thriller with so many enemies at once. This game has you pitching in your seat, from every dark room you search, street you walk and stand off you fight against the zombie horde.

    If you are a big fan of "Half Life" in general, the gameplay schematics for this game will not disappoint you. You are unable to aim with your weapons (excluding the rifle) and the actions are very simple on this game. Melee, shoot and run. You don't even have much weaponry to choose from either, two different machineguns, two different shotguns... etc... There isn't much left to the imagination, like possibly picking up a rocket launcher?

    Either way, the lack of fighting material in this game doesn't effect the gameplay of it and as long as you have a mic to communicate with your team-mates during the game, this survival thriller will be a very good buy for the zombie fans out there!

    Do not purchase this game if you're not a team-player and neglect using your mic during online play. The team-play, communication and working together is what makes this game one of the best multiplayer games on the Xbox 360 market to purchase.

  4.  RE4 Fan?


    What can i say about this addition to the Resident Evil Franchise?

    If you're fan of Resident Evil 4, you will enjoy Resident Evil 5 incredibly much. I played the Demo several times with different friends online. Surprisingly, each time was different in it's own way and the CO-OP feature is superb for making the same storyline unique every time.

    Controlling your character can be slow and old fashioned sometimes. The camera angles can be extremely annoying when changing between Chris and Sheva. Chris is RIGHT-handed and Sheva is LEFT-handed, so the completely different camera angles between the two can be very off putting to begin with.

    Same zombies/infected (just look differen), very similar bosses (bag heads with chainsaws). This is identical to Resident Evil 4 in every single way, but the special addition of being able to play co-op is what defines this game most of all.

    So, you enjoy Resident Evil 4? You'll love this!