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Top 100 Sport and Outdoor Reviewer
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  1.  Good craic


    I can only really reiterate the other reviews - I hadn't read anything about this film before I watched it, so it completely took me by surprise in a good way. The main actor is near sublime in his personification (though presumably he was pretty expert with Irish humour already) and the twists and turns are better than many Bond films. The icing on the cake is the ending, which I won't spoil but really caps everything off perfectly.

    Certainly the best film I've watched in months and I hope it gets all the plaudits and awards it deserves.

  2.  Soft, light and warm...


    ...so the wife says. She wears it every week for cross training outdoors and really likes it. Apparently, it's warm but very light and flexible so doesn't hamper movement at all. Very good value for the money and earnt me a lot of brownie points from the recipient.

  3.  Addictive stuff


    I won't spoil anyone's viewing of this by talking about how events unwind in season 3. Suffice it to say that the writing and characterisation is of the very highest quality, the tension and dramatic effect and very finely-tuned (you will squirm, laugh and cry) and the plot is so seamless and skillful as to be barely noticeable (in a good way). On top of all this, it asks many tough questions about life and morality.

    Time will fly and you'll be hooked: this series is as addictive as the meth it depicts.

  4.  Solid. Dependable. Breathtakingly-magnificent.


    For 149.99 this phone is a great deal. First up, just to dispel any concerns readers might have in terms of software, it is as bug-free as any Nokia I've ever owned - I have not had a single unexplained freezing of screen in the 2 months I've had it.

    It doesn't need a detailed exposee of features, suffice it to say everything you'd expect is there without being as slick in terms of the user interface (e.g. no recent contacts list in an auto-type-ahead dropdown when writing a new sms).

    What I really love about this phone though, is the battery life - best in class. Even with 2 days of heavy use (wi-fi, 3G, calls), you'll still have juice left.

    If you want something that does the basics as well as you could possibly do them, then this is definitely one to consider.

  5.  Good but not 5 stars...


    Everything was fine with this product - set-up, use of DVD and HDD to record, freeview - with two exceptions.

    First, the EPG was not easy to activate - there was a setting that I had to change before it would display but this was buried away and not indicated clearly in the instructions. Far too fiddly for my liking and took hours of messing around to find the option to activate it on my type of set-up.

    Second, the DVD player part broke within a couple of months of use. Everything else still worked fine but I had to then go back and buy a separate DVD player.

    Still, for the price, and the unlikeliness that someone else would have the DVD player break on them, I give this 4/5.

  6.  Memorable film, memorable quotes abound


    There are some incredibly funny moments in this film, no doubt about that. You can even see one or two occasions where the actors are having to stifle smiles to keep the deadpan feel of the humour.

    It's a very innovative and perceptive take on the well-known "suicide bomber" genre.

    I thoroughly recommend this film to anyone who likes comedy explosions.

    On a serious note, the creators of this film have treated all parties (the bombers, the politicians, the police) equally in their satire so I don't see why it could "enrage" anyone involved in the suicide bombing trade.

  7.  Interesting and amusing


    The start is very amusing with lots of air-kissing and camp people having pretend tantrums and I've never seen quite so many wrinkly, prune-like, leathery-skinned, perfumed old people prancing around in one place.

    There are some very interesting production scenes and the characters that do the work behind the scenes are very funny - e.g. the female Italian dressmakers. It's also nice to see that everything was quite "raw" and "as it really is", or at least that's how it comes across - no funny editing to distort how everything and everybody comes across.

    You have to be somewhat interested in fashion to want to get the most out of this film, but all in all it's an enjoyable and interesting insight into the fashion world.

  8.  Good, safe fun for little'uns


    I have a 2-year old and although it says 6 yrs plus I have found this product is fine for younger children than that, as long as they are supervised.

    It was a bit more than a simple "Ikea-job" to put together, but fairly easy - took about 1 1/2 hours taking things fairly easy. The instructions are only a 3/5 though - read them the whole way through and understand them first!

    The parts quality is very good - no shoddy materials as far as I could see.

    The cover is a bit of a waste of time though - it needs a cover to go over the top of the safety net, not the surface of the trampoline itself as otherwise you still have to clear out the leaves, dead insects, etc.

    I can see this being used for many years to come - I highly recommend it.

  9.  Quite delectable storytelling


    What more could you ask for than the child-like creative genius of Roald Dahl combined with some colourful narrative and the wonderful artistry of Quentin Blake?

    I have just bought this Audiobook because my siblings and I used to enjoy listening to Revolting Rhymes in the car over and over again when we were little. It taught me many new words and the rhymes and dark humour I just know will have my little girl squealing with delight once she's old enough to understand it.

    This is fantastic childrens literature and is even better value and entertainment coming with the audio CD which I'll be playing in the car.

  10.  Solid, dependable, highly-recommended


    Tried a no-name 4Gb memory card for my Nokia E71 and it kept crashing, losing me over 6 months'-worth of photos of my family and little girl. It made me sceptical about phone memory cards.

    I thought I'd give a branded card a go and I was not disappointed - not only has it never crashed or wiped info in the three months I've had it, it also enables files to be uploaded straight into an email when browsing using mobile internet access - a feature my old card did not have. Bought a SanDisk for my wife's phone as well. Verdict: go for SanDisk, all those family memories are worth an extra quid or two.