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  1.  1 of fav horror of 2009


    loved this film love just as much in 2d as 3d either way both good jensen ackles (from supernatural) played a good role in it i like the actually mine man slasher just another michel or jason enjoyed this more than drag me to hell,last house on the left,unborn fav of this year so far effects great characters great plot good twist good 5* for me

  2.  both good


    I disagree with some people hills 2 is not as bad as they think its is obvisouly not as god as the first but that was a classic better than wrong turn but i like the characters in the first and this is not far fetched actually is possible maybe not the killings as such but iwould give it a 8 of 10

  3.  quite creepy


    Got to admit first was average was a bit humerous but the return is not humerous actually very creepy 2 is actually better than first for once but at the end is quite good because its quite diffferent because the ghost are actually good in a way just want to be st free
    But the sane doctors are actually the bad ghsot but anyways quite a good boxset i would give it a 6 and a half of 10

  4.  best horror collection EVER


    Love these im 14 didnt watch obvisouly backi n the 80s but still my favourite horror compared to any of the modern day horror ect hills have eyes wrong turn friday the 13th reamke better than all of them.
    Number 3 is my favourite out the 7 but people dont think this is the best but i think its much better than halloween and friday the 13th put together and i would give it a 9.5 of 10 that good great for the ultimate horror collection.

  5.  good first ok 2


    Great first but 2 lacks it but still both good very similiar to hills but both in diffeerent location but i have to say hills is better but number one makes it all worth it.for boxet i would give it 7of 10.
    Good for the collection though

  6.  great boxset


    Loved both these films one of my fav horrors if i was you get this now at a 5£ cant really go wrong. Some people think its cheesy because of the idea of dead pets but its not number 1 is actually quite creep. And definately better of the two obvisouly becasue it was made by stephen king.but thres no special features on this which is a little let dwon.but together as a boxset i would give this a 8 of 10. Good for the horror collection

  7.  ok


    this game is amazing if u are a fan
    watch the movie its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8.  oh my god


    best film ive ever seen bette than aline vs predator by 1 millions miles best film ive senn in life also great special effects

  9.  scary


    Most films dont scare me but the dead women and the dolls how would yu not scream if thats was on the end of yur bved during middle of the night but the scariest film ive seen which will never happen but s0 is return to house on haunted hill but definatlet really creepy,

  10.  ok


    You knew what was going to happen all dead they should of made this before the 2003 classic remake.