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  1.  The Greatest RTS of all time.


    I've owned this game for 10 years, I've played through the full campaign perhaps 3 or 4 times, spent years playing competitive games online and last week went onto Battlenet and spent an evening destroying my old school friends. We are all nearly 30 and still love SC!

    The universe Blizzard have created is lush with detail, every unit has character and personality, every race is utterly different from the other, and yet give you an equal chance of victory.

    The world editor is incredible, you can create co-op campaigns with hero units (even specify their abilities and hitpoints) script stories, customise your favourite multiplayer maps or create ultra intense micro maps cramming 8 players onto a 64x64 map for frenzied fun!

    If you're new to the game and want to know how the experts play, search google for either 'pimpest replays' or 'Boxer' (one of the greatest Korean players) and watch in humble amazement.

    Due to its comic-book looks, SC has stood the test of time very well and the system requirements are so low your toaster could play it! If you alive and have even the slightest interest in videogames, BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!!!

  2.  All Good Things...


    As this peerless show approaches its climax it's every bit as viseral, clever and down right violent as it was when it started back in the summer of '99.

    From the first episode to the last, the writing has been fantastic, lacing together drama, black comedy, great characters and a veritable feast of metaphors and symbolism.

    The final episode is a bit too David Lynch for my liking, it doesn't feel like the last ever episode of one of the greatest dramas of our generation, but you can't have everything, and like many episodes before it, you'll have something to ponder and discuss after it's all done.

    Touching, graphic, intelligent, suprising and highly recommended.

  3.  Halo 3: Short but oh so sweet...


    Halo 3 is an evolution as opposed to a revolution. It's a perfection of the gameplay that got everyone hooked 6 years ago with Halo:CE. It succeeds in creating a vibrant, colourful and at times, mesmerisingly beautiful world. Marty O'Donnell's score is perfect, and played through a decent 5.1 setup, the sound effects are staggering. Crank the speakers up when you take down a scarab and feel the room shake...

    Initially, the game is paced very well, leading the novice in whilst keeping the veteran interested, but where the game initially falls down is the same place the previous two titles did, namely the Flood. Their levels are monotonous, often disorientating, the story lacks any real justification as to their presence and although bungie introduce the new 'pure form' these fail to engage the player or make the levels any more interesting.

    Another disappointment is the final level, which on it's own is grand enough, but compared to Halo:CE's Final Run it just doesn't cut it, being neither as technically challenging, or as diverse. Where Halo:CE's level gave you mulitple paths and shortcuts, this is an on the rails jump track which is a real shame.

    However, those shortcoming aside, what Halo does right, it does better than any other FPS out there, period. (for the record, this blows Bioshocks overrated tale out of this galaxy and beyond the ark). Each encounter is varied, you will come across similar enemies and vehicles often, but always with different vehicles and weapons yourself. Every encounter seems to up the ante a satisfying degree and repeat play will prove that the same care and attention to level design of the first game return, allowing you, to approach each encounter a number of different ways. Whilst not the longest game, you will be playing the campaign many times over. It just seems a tragedy that there isn't more of it, the brutes are insanely fun to fight, (especially the Hammer wielding Cheiftains!!!) i'd have loved to of seen a LOT more of them before the final credits.

    As for the extras, forge is overrated, there are too many limiting factors which have no explaination - i want ten Hornets on Last resort; why can't i put them there? Replays are excellent, you can cut out 'clips' and post them in your profile for others to download immediately. Got an 'invincible' medal? Show the world...

    Multiplayer is refined to the nth degree. The Assault rifle gives respawning players a genuine chance, and whilst there have been some complaints over the new melee system amongst other things, it is undeniably fun, and Bungie's observations on 4+ billion games of Halo 2 have been spot on. it's a joy on so many levels it's raised the bar into the stratosphere for online play.

    In short, a fantastic game, but having waited three years to finish this fight, i wish it had been more epic, and let me finish all the fights, which, it most certainly did not.

  4.  Jackie's Finest


    Arguably his best film ever (up there with drunken master and legend of drunken master) This is full of Jackie's trademark comedy, and truly breathtaking martial arts sequences, starting with the gorgeous dragon fight and later, a fan fight which holds the world record for most number of takes for a shot in a film - when you see it you'll understand why - and an epic final fight some 12 minutes long. Bei logan's commentary is excellent as always - the guy's a walking martial arts encyclopedia!!! If you've not seen this and consider yourself a Jackie fan, it is an essential purchase...