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    this is a fantastic step by sony to rerelease ps2 games as every ps3 atm doesn't have backwards compatibility. i imported this game about a month ago. graphics are remastered to 720p and as its both games on one disk there are two trophy lists. i recently got both platinums. this is a must have for any GOW fan that can't play 1+2 on their ps3 or for new comers to the francise. 5/5

  2.  Force Wrecking Ball


    Okay i downloaded the demo 3 days ago, i've played through it on all difficulties and i was left wanting more. There's enough in the demo for you to be able to play it over and over and over again but not enough to get everything out of it in just the demo. The level of destruction is phenomenal, for example when there's a door to open why force push your way through like always, jump in the air and do a charged force push or even better pick up objects (and people) and throw them at the door to open it. On "apprentice" you are more or less invincible from normal weapon fire so you can just walk around letting out all your agro on one person. The combat is similar to god of war if i had to compare it to anything, its very fluid and the combos will get huge. My favourite moment was after i had entered the hanger and killed all but one person, so i force grabbed him, impaled him on the saber, shocked him with lightning then pushed him and sent him flying into a tie fighter causing a huge explosion. There are so many combos readily available in the demo that you sort of dread to think how ferocious they will be in the full game. The most useful moves are as follows: Do a 2 hit attack then press lightning once the saber will be electrified then press force push to do a shockwave punch on the ground. Dash slash: Dash forwards then while dashing press attack. Finally while jumping press and hold attack to do a slam attack with the saber sending a shockwave out when you hit the ground. It you haven't yet downloaded the demo go right now and do so it is freaking amazing. A must buy for any console.