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  1.  I guess you get what you pay for...


    Ordered this on the 26th march arrived today, but it seems I have the blue set when I ordered black..

    While it is cheap, don't expect a great case with everything to best quality. First of all don't use the screen protectors, they are cheap and create dozens of air bubbles. The stylus and DS game cases are fine, but feel cheap. The case itself is ok and is good to store your 3DS and games. The usb cable is good, along with the headphones but don't expect great quality headphones. And the straps are pointless really. But the cloth and car charger does its job.

    If you want a cheap case to store your 3DS and games, along with some simple headphones and cleaning cloth and charger for your 3Ds, then go for it! But overall the other accessories are terrible

  2.  Very Clever and Fun game, must have in your Wii collection


    The first Mario galaxy was amazing in terms of creativity, level design, and fun factor. When I first heard about Mario galaxy 2 I thought it was not going to live up to the hype and not be as amazing as the first. But I was wrong Super mario galaxy 2 takes everything from the first Mario galaxy and takes it to the next level. BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  3.  Amazing deal! Must have for anyone buying their first Xbox!!


    An 250gb xbox with 2 controllers and 5 critically acclaimed Xbox Exclusives? And all under 250 pounds? You must be crazy to look elsewhere.
    Also don't worry about the 'Red Ring Of Death' this xbox uses a newer chipset and is less likely to get it, and besides you get a FREE 3year warranty from Microsoft.
    Only bad thing is that I would of preferred it to include Final Fantasy XIII in the bundle than 'Crackdown'

  4.  Breathtaking, a must have for any PS3 owner.


    I thought after about 4 years of hype and some bad reviews on Killzone 1 it might disapoint many but After playing the Demo (which was a little too short to be honest) It was Breathtaking.

    I was astonished by the graphics, the amount of detail guerrilla have put into this, just looking at the ground the rocks look so real, The game also doesnt seem to drop framerate during hectic parts. The music and the sounds of the helgans screaming and bridges exploding just pulls you into the action. The weapons all work great and feel fluid, The enemy AI is also one of the best i've seen they way they react to grenages and bullets is just awsome definetly one of the best FPS ever made.

    Not much but the control layout was a bit...weird proberbly because im used to Call of Duty controls, but its not a problem because you can change it in the options menu.The sensitivity is too slow but again you can change it to very high in the options menu.

    Everyone should preorder this game, it is going to be the game of the year.