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  1.  Excellent bass and build. Good sound overall.


    These headphones are by no means perfect, and for the money this might be prohibitive for some people. The main flaw is that the higher range of sound isn't as strong as the excellent and thumping bass. The result is still a superior sound to most sub 100 pounds headphones, but perhaps not as good as other mid-range models.

    The bass on these is astonishing- clear, thumping, and never muddy or dull. It can, however, overwhelm higher sounds so if you enjoy bass-heavy music expect this to be the most prominent sound you hear.

    I listen to a range of music, blues, world, and rock mostly, and everything has sounded crisp and strong through the Beats Solo.

    The design of the headphones are excellent- a really classy design and the finish is particularly stylish. The earcups sit on the ear, rather than over it, and as such you do get some noise leaking. So expect people around you to hear some of your music.

    The construction and quality can't be faulted- even the cable is tangle-proof. In addition to controlling your iPod, the controls also work with a MacBook. Since this will be my primary source, it was a welcome and unexpected bonus.

    These are my first higher-value headphones, and I'm not disappointed. Are they worth the money? Hard to commit either way- great design, great bass, and a strong overall sound, but these won't be mistaken for the very best in high-end audio headphones, but then again they are half the price of these top end models.

    Conclusion: recommended for those looking for great sound in a stylish and well constructed design.

  2.  Great sound, great fit.


    I've been using various models of Sony in-ear headphones for a few years, and these are one of my favourites. They provide good bass and clear higher-ranges. The bass isn't as good as on the top-end range, but for the price you wouldn't expect them to be. The bass is punchy and weighty- don't worry about the sound being too light. All-in-all, I'm not sure for the price that you'll be able to find anything that seriously improves upon the MDR-EX76's sound.

    Comfort is obviously 1A in terms of importance with in-ear headphones, and unfortunately what is comfortable for one person isn't for another. For me, these are some of Sony's best-fitting headphones, and I prefer them to the EX35 and XB40s which I've tried.

    I use mine for three things: at the gym, at the office, and at home on my laptop. They've never fallen out, given me sore ears, and sound excellent whether through a Sony walkman, iPod shuffle, or MacBook.

  3.  Surprising!


    This little speaker is very small, yet as soon as you take it out of the packaging you can feel the quality of its build. Its reasonably heavy (for its size) and very well made.

    Once you plug a sound source into it, it suddenly starts behaving like a speaker 4x the size! The sound is amazingly loud, yet never sounds tinny or raspy.

    I wouldn't say its pocket-sized (it would create a rather prominent bulge, which is probably best avoided), but it can be tucked away in a small bag with ease. Its perfect for use outdoors (at the beach or park for example) when you just want to laze around and listen to some music.

    Surprisingly good and highly recommended!

  4.  Pretty Slick


    These look slick and feel comfortable on the ears. The sound is clear and crisp, and the construction feels reliably sturdy. They'll be perfect for using at work, although they'll look good anywhere!

    5 Stars.

  5.  An excellent shaft


    This pole really does the job. Its long enough, sturdy, and provides good grip and support. The 3 metres of length provides good versatility, and the microphone is always safe and secure.

    If you love your poles strong and hard, this is for you.

  6.  Hmmm


    I got one of these out of curiosity. I normally only use tripods on my DSLR, but I was interested to see what I could do with my compact. It's a pretty useful piece of kit! Its got a good construction, and although as another reviewer said, it won't hold the weight of an SLR, for those 'compact' moments, its pretty awesome!

  7.  Fantastic value


    16GB for this price is fantastic value. I probably wont even get near filling this up!

  8.  Surprisingly good!


    I've had various compact cameras from various manufacturers, and this one really surprised me. Its not top of the range, but for less than £50 what do you expect?! It does have, however, pretty much all the features you'd be looking for in a compact camera and its reliably built enough to take on holiday and such like. I've got some good pictures from the various photo modes. 7.0 Megapixels might seem small compared to some of the more recent low price compacts, but once you get into the +7 range, it really doesn't make a great deal of difference (unless of course you need very large photographs or you intend to zoom in a lot).

    My feeling is that this camera would greatly suit somebody just entering the world of digital photography or somebody looking for a handy spare camera.

  9.  Perfect for the gym!


    My main MP3 player is the Sony NWZ-S638F, but I wanted something more suitable for the rough and tumble of the gym. I've tried various no-screen shufflers but got frustrated that I could pick a certain track easily if the mood suddenly took me. This player is cheap enough to risk around heavy weights, and the screen allows for swifter access to my song library. 2 GB isn't huge, but the drag and drop nature of the player makes transfering files to and from it easy. Don't expect the earth from this player. Just expect a useful, cheap, and reliable player!

    You might need some better headphones though...

  10.  Good quality memory card


    Memory cards are pretty much essential for all digital camera users, and SanDisk have a reputation for producing quality reliable cards- and this one is no exception. I use it in my compact camera, and its pretty much all I need. If I do approach the storage limit, which is rare, I simply transfer any pictures I want to keep to my PC. Then again, at this price you could just keep replacing full cards!