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  1.  Topnotch Brit horror com


    Great to see Honor Blackman and classic comedy actors Richard Briars from TheGood Life and Tony Selby from Get Some In appearing alongside some of todays top Brit actors/actresses including Michelle Ryan from Eastenders.Everyone was well cast and the characters were very likeable unlike many of the hollywood horror movies where you don't care if they live or die.It's well paced and great fun to watch.If you liked Shaun Of The Dead you''ll love this!

  2.  Good Brit Movie.


    The reviewer who commented this was the worst movie he's seen obviously hasn't sat through Fight Club!.I thought the acting was fine,the story was well paced and there was nothing wrong with the script..The movie is well worth 4 pounds.Hardly any horror movie released is orignal nowadays and it's nice to watch one that isn't a re-make.This a fun movie to see with a few mates with a few beers before you go to the pub.

  3.  Where is Streets Of Rage 2?


    Brilliant retro gaming,would've gave it 5 STARS if Streets Of Rage 2 hadn't been left off!.For less than 20 pounds this is great value with 18 games built in and the build and quality is pretty good at this price.I bought this as i got bored on my work lunch breaks.Like the other reviewers state the alkaline batteries last for ages.All in all a real bargain!



    This film is very entertaining,it has loads of gore,the leading actresses are stunning and the story is fast paced.Really pleased i purchased this dvd.

  5.  unbelievable saving


    Just listening to radio,the sound is of good quality ,haven't got i phone so not able to try docking station out,would've have been better if mp3/4 compatatable,as we all can't afford a i phone!..Bought this for 47-99.at 1 day only sale price saving 102 pounds..Got this solely for the 7 inch LCD Freeview TV.Got a great picture plugging in the roof aerial at my mum's,but couldn't get a strong enough signal using the supplied indoor aerial,so going to purchase a indoor aerial with a booster as i live in Margate which isn't known as a good area for a digital signal and hoping this will solve the recepion problem in my flat as i have no roof aerial as i have sky..

  6.  loads of gore and action


    Saw Part 1 on a disc i bought whilst i was in the Philippines,only problem was it was in Japanese with no subtitles.I love Japanese movies,they're much more entertaining than most stuff that comes out of the U.S.Definitely buying this 2 disc set.Not as good as Machine Girl,but a bargain at a fiver.

  7.  At long last!


    after waiting for this show to appear on dvd for ages i was so pleased to receive series 1 through the post.In my opinion this is much funnier than Only Fools And Horses.All the actors have been well cast.I've just watched the first 2 episodes and have had to refrain from viewing all episodes in one sitting. I have to ration myself to a couple of episodes a night and hope that series 2 and the xmas specials are released in the next few weeks.Definitely one of the best British comedy shows ever!

  8.  decent low budget movie


    not as good as the Australian cult zombie movie The Undead,but it has a few funny bits in it,the make-ups ok,seen alot worse!.Best watched with a few mates and several packs of beers.I'd rather watch this again than have to sit through Fight Club again[yawn!].

  9.  watchable low budget movie


    This second sequel is so corny,the director went well O.T.T. .I disagree with most of the reviewers,ST2 was far superior , with much better cgi and sets,in spite of ripping off Alien.I'd say rent this,it's not really worthy of a place in your dvd collection.

  10.  Great movie


    this movie is a cross between Karate Kid and No Retreat No Surrender,but it is well shot and paced.The fight scenes are expertly choreographed.Not a classic like the two movies mentioned,but if you like martial -arts it's worth adding to your dvd collection.