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  1.  Good while it lasted


    It has good sound quality and is good as an alarm clock, but now the pins are broke due to a major design fault that asks you to firce the iPod onto the dock, which means that over time, it WILL break. I'd look for a better one than this.

  2.  Brilliant!


    Great album, not to mention that they are great live! A brutal mix of melody and speed which feels British, everything about this band is epic!

  3.  Brill!


    This album is intense all the way through, it bleed with emotion. There are a few meh tracks compared to the rest, but that doesn't really matter, because the good tracks are brill.

    I would also like to stress how much this was an improvement from Supercharger.

  4.  A thrash metal album not to be missed.


    To say the least, Evile had a tough 2009 and 2010, fans will know what I mean. But just before the hardships came, we got this metal thrashing madness. The vocals and very brutal compared to Enter The Grave and the album respresents their own style. There are no boring songs at all neither. The DVD is also hillarious. If you are a fan of thrash metal and throat vocals, buy this album.

  5.  Blergh.


    Metallica went terribly wrong here...

    The Black Album amounts to mainstream metal with simplistic 5 note riffs, stupid lyrics, muddled up choruses and wah crazy solos.

    If it wasn't for the haunting interlude of My Friend Of Misery amongst some decent lyrics, this album would just get a star. The guitars sound synthetic, the drumming is boring, the vocals are annoying and so is the way they don't let a note play for long enough. There also seems to be long silences in between notes. It is hard to believe this is the album that made them rich too...

  6.  Great album, I would expect better from Muse though.


    The alterno rock band to listen to is back with another album. Imagine this album as a groovy version of a Queen album, but not quite. You see, most songs are a comfortable mix of the two, other songs just copy Fred and co's band. Would I reccomend this album if you are into rock? Yes, I would. There is something to love on this album, though it isn't the masterpiece that absolution was, it is not anything short of awesome.

  7. Load


    Metallica - CD

    17 New from  £7.31  Free delivery

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     A hard rock album to end all hard rock albums.


    Many believe that Metallica went down the tubes as soon as they released this under rated album which is looked down upon multiple times. All the whiney thrash metal fanboys who feel that they have some kind oath to live up to by hating bands for doing what they want will disagree with me, but this album is a total masterpiece.

    The CD is nowhere near as heavy or as angry as previous albums, this is neither a bad thing or a good thing. They started writing on a blues scale, they sounded very southern american. Everything about the album shouts quality, the sound of the guitars, drums, vocals and bass are just perfect. Jason adds another layer of immensity with his backing vocals.

    To the raging blues groove of Cure, the blissful power chords of Until It Sleeps, the epic chorus of Bleeding me, the haunting chants of The House That Jack built, the album is a trip that is not to be missed by any sole individual of this world. I honestly think you shouldn't call yourself a rock fan if you don't atleast appreciate this album.

  8.  A masterpiece with seriously stunted production.


    When Cliff Burton died, Metallica let their most primal instincts out on an album that sports some of their best writing they ever did. Lyrics that get into the core of James Hetfield. But there are problems, no bass. They seemed to take out their anger on Jason. Who knows why they muted his bass, but it makes the songs sound... Empty. There are plenty of GH remasters of some of the songs, which include the bass, the songs sound so much better with bass... So James had a grudge against Jason or something.

    The guitars sound a bit dry, they have a flanger effect added to them which sounds cool, but it seems dry, without much bassiness added. The drums sound a bit underwhelming and tinny at times, but that is if you listen real hard.

    Remember how St. Anger was supposed to tap into Hetfields mind? What a load of bull. Justice did that perfectly, they reached a peak that they will never top. The lyrics achive the mind tap thing without feeling like a whiney 'poor me' album. And Justice For All deals with the injustice of the bus driver that 'killed' Cliff. Dyers Eve talks about the Hetfield's childhood and so on. Blackened breaks this up with a fantasy end of the world kind of theme that rocks.

    The album has alot of great riffs, not to mention Lars pushing himself past his limit in Dyers Eve... The overpowering broken formality of the title track, the incoming danger theme of Blackeneds riffs, the marching band esque intro of Eye of The Beholder, the song that got them to the mainstream, One, is chilling. In fact, the whole album sent chills down my spine. If it wasn't for the gimped production, this would get a 5 star from me. Ingenius stuff.

  9.  Best multiplayer in a console shooter ever


    While the destruction is kinda dissapointing not letting you blow an entire building down, it can destroy pretty much all of the cover which is satisfactory.

    Graphically, the game looks good. Textures are great and character models are more than satisfactory. The game has good volumetric particle effects too. The only negative aspect about this game's visuals is that it has a horrid film grain filter all over it that spoils how the game looks and can make it hard to see on an SDTV. The game was designed for a HDTV and it isn't configured for standard viewing. If you don't have a widecreen tele you get the infamous black bars at the top of the screen.

    The sound really packs a punch with HDR which changed the sound depending on the enviroment and how far you are away from an explosions etc. Prepare to jump when you hear a gun sound for the first time...

    The game plays how you would expect an FPS to play but can be kinda clunky compared to CoD4. There is a delay between pressing the knife button and the game actually knifing. It also has a very slow pace compared to that game too. You won't care while blowing away cover and killing dudes with makinds most destructive weapons, such as grenade launchers, RPGs, artillery, airstrikes, tanks, AA guns and the list goes on.

    The story driven campaign is rather humerous thanks to your squad mates. I won't spoil anything but the game makes war look like alot of fun. It goes on for about 6 hours and provides some incentive to replay in the form of hidden unlockables. The online multiplayer has one mode that ships with it called gold rush. You either spawn as the attackers, where you must destroy two gold crates, or the defenders, where you have to prevent this from happening by killing enough attackers until they fail. If the gold crates get destroyed, they must retreat to a base further away and they have about 4 bases which they can move to. The real deal comes from the free downloadable conquest mode, in which you have to secure 5 positions and then take out the enemy team. Thanks to the fact that 24 players can be in one game and the maps are really large, it feels less like a deathmatch arena, instead it feels like a war, thanks to the destruction and the presentation. Every tiem you rank up you unlock a credit which can be used to buy a new gun or gadget. It gives you more freedom than call of duty, but you can't create your own class.

    Bad Company is a good buy for anybody who like console FPS games online. The multiplayer here will keep you going for ages, I didn't even delve into every aspect.

  10.  The best driving game EVER!


    This game is fun. The multiplayer is fun, the stunts are fun and the cars are fun to drive. It can get a bit repetitive and annoying, but when you have fun, you have lots of fun!