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  1.  10/10 Game Of The Year In My Books!!!!!!!!!!!!


    First off i was amazed by the opening scene of Killzone 2 the graphics are out of this world and its just amazing to see such clear detail in the face of characters.

    Although it isnt the game i love the cover of the game i think it very very good and this proberly helps sell the game.

    Killzone 1 was rubbish and i really got bored of it just didnt really appeal to me.

    But i couldnt say that about Killzone 2

    Its on of the best graphic games around and the gameplay is amazing.

    I got this game on the 28th February in the morning and i finished it on sunday the 1st March........hopefully this gives you an insite to how addictive this game becomes.

    Graphics as already stated are amazing and the detail in the weapons and the characters is amazing.

    Motion sensor control: When you use a sniper rifle for the first time you will hate it completely as thej motion sensors feel new to you, when you get the hang of it it becomes good fun sniping helghast,

    Even when setting mines you use the motion sensors to turn the mine around on walls or object. This is a great game dynamic and i feel it bring some realisum to the game the same applys when turnign a valve.

    The story is fantastic and all the cutscenes keep you glued to the story.

    Every scene where your not killing someone you feel like your watchin a film.

    Out of all the games i have bought recently

    Fear 2 Project origin
    Call Of Duty 5

    This blows them all away

    Unfortunatly i havent tried it online yet but dont be discouraged if you hear reviews about it as many people still seem to stereotype multiplayer with Call Of Duty 4

    Although Cod 4 is a great game please stop comparing it to other multiplayers TRY A NEW GAME FOR GOD SAKE.

    Having said that though Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 2 comes out november


    this game is a must have an will be a collectable you wont want to give up.

    Just an amazing game

    And for £30 RRP

    a complete bargain

    Money well spent

  2.  More of the big rather than the little HIGHLY IMPRESSED


    Well first of this game is amazing and i really mean that, the video on here doesnt give it credit enough for what it actually looks like, the game itself is very simple but at the same time full of puzzle, you can create stickers and get objects and create your own sackman.

    On top of this you can create levels and gain new items and objects such as hari and glasses and dress up your sackman. The whole world is based around you and what you decide to do with it. You can have a sticker of a duck right below you if you wanted or on any wall.

    The other massive part of this game is the trophies, i love ps3 trophies and this was a huge bonus for me.

    Overall very very impressed even though i usually woundlt get this game at £17.99 it was a hit or miss and im glad i took the chance on such a creative game

    Well worth the buy and the wait for the price drop



    This film was well worth the money, two very talented actors that scrounge of there parents at the age of 40 (note this is in the film not real life) very very funny scenes some that have you laughing the very next day about it.

    Once again a resonable price and i would do it again if i hadnt already bought it.

    You dont no what your missing

  4.  Click the BUY BUTTON


    The TV is the nuts, sorry for the brief review i did just do a very long one and rathe rin depth but my connection timed out.


    I have to say this television is th emost up to date technology that i have ever seen,

    Digital Optical Out
    Full HD 1080p (NOTE: some places say FULL HD this may actually amount to 720p which is lower quality so make sure you check for 1080p before you buy)

    Freeview etc etc

    The television is connected to my PS3 with a HDMI cable which i also got from Play, RAZOR Sharp picture and although i use my PS3 on surround sound the televisions sound is very very good and it also has virtual surround sound which you can activate on the menu.

    Overall i recommend you do some research before buying this television and what i mean by research is.

    If you can find a better spec television for this size and money someone else then your a better man than I am.

    Do your research then come back and buy it.

    The TV is amazing

    Thanks Play

  5.  This Film Is Absoulutly Impeccable


    First off this film had so much hype i actually wated for it to come out on blu ray instead of going to watch it in the cinema..............im sooooo glad i did, blu ray is one of the most up to date technology when it comes to video quality this film was made for blu ray and was worth the £15, sound quality is amazing so much so my neighbours repeated some of the lines in the film the following day.

    The story overall was superb, you dont have to be a batman fan to like this film, the whole film from start to finish is amazing and there is no doubt why some of the top stars like morgan freeman were in it.

    One thing that i did like with this version was the bonus material.
    Not only is the film awesome but the background work is just as interesting. Parts of the film were done in imax mode, (note: Imax have 4 cameras in the world but as of making this film 1 was destroyed).

    The bonus material holds such things like how the batmobile was made and how certain stunts from the film were shot and even though im not one for the credential details i must admit i did like watching it.

    Overall i feel anyone who hasnt already bought this and has a blu ray player and is looking for a new film.

    Just do it!!!!!!!! You wont be disapointed

    Thanks again play

  6.  Lightweight,Stylish, Holds alot of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hello all,

    Although i didnt buy this from play i think its only nice to right the first review.

    I have one in black and have the 320gb version, this is a very easy machine that holds everything and anything.

    Videos, music, photo and those little extras.

    If anyone you have the 250gb 3.5 inch hard drives that need the use of a power lead you should already know how long they take to load via autorun.

    This is literally seconds, and boom on your screen reayd to transfer.

    Overall a very large 5 star sorry about the corney title had nothing else i could say.

    P.s when you get you hard drive you must format it.
    Note: Use the quick format option as this is much quicker

  7.  BLEW ME AWAY WITH BLU RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well what can i say. Another review on another blu ray. Ever since i got my hdtv i have been heavily into blu ray. I had to get this film over the massive hype of it being so cool anyway.

    First time i watched it......... It blew me away, the shear sharpness to the film and sound quality is impeccable.

    Note: I did say the first time i watched this.

    You cant just watch this film once, you need to keep watchign it because its so cool it will blow off your head.

    £17.99 Is a good price for this and i dont regret buying it at all.

    Watch in 1080p and you will be set.

    Buy now and dont hesitate

  8.  Not Bad At All!!!


    Well firstly i must say i didnt really expect much for the £29.99 price tag, but i thought i trust play enough to make the risk. Received this today and thanks to my dog waking me up because the post man had arrived i didnt have to go to royal mails collection point. Very well packaged as per usual, this was very simple to use, instructions are on 1 a4 sheet that gives you all the ins and outs.

    I did also buy a 1gb sd card from play purely because it was a sandisk and that play's price was to stupidly low to not buy it. Put all my photos on the sd card and plugged into the frame and it worked perfectly.

    The screen is crystal clear and shows pictures very well, when you get the hang of adjusting the setting you can changed all the effects and timing of the images.

    The reason i gave this 4 star is really petty and i suppose to critical but i like to be very detailed in my reviews.

    I gave this product 4 star because of the annoying little marking on the plastic of the frame.

    There is what looks to be like a logo or company branding on the frame like a little orange flower and this gets in the way of your images. There is a small white tag tough at the bottom of the right hand corner of the frame where you peel off the protective plastic and its embedded onto that.

    If you do get one of these frames and think after you have taken off the plastic that there is a huge crack across the screen it isnt a crack. Its left over plastic that didnt tear off. Get this off and the rest is a doddle.

    Very good frame

    Shame about the mark

    Overall worth £29.99

    Thanks play

  9.  I needed a change of underwear


    I bought this game from game and i must say this is one of the scariest games ive ever played. The first scene is amazing the graphics are very very good. The openign scene is very scary and if your in the dark you may jump a bit.

    Being a massive call of duty fan im usually the type to run in all gun hoe kill some guys and run off agen.

    Well this time you will be doing the running as this is a very scary game, every corner has something new and you will always be on the edge of your seat.

    Dont play in the dark people

    You wont be able to sleep

    Anyway overall rating is a huge 5/5

    Very good game

    Great puzzles and confusing twists

    Great monsters and overall a great game engine

    Good work all

    Thanks again play

  10.  Another Success


    Well lets start this review by explaining my situation, before pre ordering this game i did alot of background research and looking at other reviews from people who had the beta keys. Many people said well its so much like call of duty 4 and its rubbish because this that and the other.


    Anyway i pre ordered the game and it was here day before release and i was playing it for a good 4 hours as i only got in from work at 6 : [

    First off the starting scene is very very good and you can tell straight away that activision had something to do with it, Graphically the game is very very high and like most games out there you will see this is one of few great graphics games out there.

    Next i noticed the amount of attention to detail the game had such as the little parts of ash on ciggerettes and cigars etc

    The menus are well presented and look better with a quicker response time.

    Campaign mode is also very very good, if any of you have seen the film behind enemy line and everyone knows how good that was you will notice that when you play as the russians there is an extract there from the film that you play, this is also a very similar style level to "All Ghilllied Up"

    Sounds are very good and the music sounds like something from "We Were Soliders"

    Overall this game is a 5 star for me as its has kept its online ethos.

    The game engine that was used in call of duty 4 has been passed forward to call of duty world at war. Looking at the back of the box Treyarch wasnt the only company who made it. Activision also were one of the other companies who played a large part in the development of this game.

    Although i much prefer using the newer edition guns like in Call Of Duty 4 i still like the ones in call of duty 5.

    Flamethrowers are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shadowing and environmental details are pin sharp and overall very impressive.

    Many people still say i will wait for cod 6 and leave this behind.


    If your like me and many im sure are you have now played call of duty 4 for a year now, you know every camp spot, spray point, best perk, gun and claymore position. TRY SOMETHING NEW this is well worth the buy.

    I enjoy this so much already and i havent had it more than two days.

    Thank you Play and thank you Treyarch / Activision.

    Hope this review helped