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  1.  Better But Still Bad


    To start off with hes way better then Skids, he holds together better in car mode but still likes to unpeg in robot mode. His knees unlike Skids can support his weight as there not double jointed. His arm gimmick is actually a gun and does work pretty well. His transformation is almost the same as Skids, along the same basic design. Unfortunately his head sculpt still looks like the bk end of a cow. If only Hasbro had givin him a decent head he'd be a well designed figure. If your stuck on which one to pick up outta Skids and Mudflap then I'd say go for Mudflap, he holds together better and has a better and more stable robot mode. Although I'd recommend skipping them both as theres a lot better figures in the ROTF line out there to spend your money on.

  2.  G1 Redesigned Masterpiece


    Mixmaster is one of the best movie transformer toys to date. His vehicle mode is highly detailed and scaled beautifully. Nothing gives the robot mode away well apart from the 2 very kool huge Decepticon logo's on the mixer barrel that is. His transformation is very complexed and very well designed, its difficult but highly satisfying at the same time. His possibility is almost endless, his arms have so many joints and ways to pose the armour. He's a very stable and solid figure too which holds tight together in both modes. He does have a 3rd battle mode but its kinda pointless but then again he does use it in the film, so technically he is a triple changer.

    I've been collecting transformers for a long time and the movie lines and designs are by far my favourite for their realism and detail, and Mixmaster is one of the best so far. If you're thinking about getting him I can highly recommend it even at full retail price of £25.00, play.com's £22.99 is even better for such a beautiful figure.



    I never really liked spyro games but i truly have to be honest here, this game is awesome. I was really surprised by how much i'm impressed and now gladly rate this as one of the best adventure games of the year. Highly recommend to anyone, even if you're never liked spyro.

    I normally go for shooters but lately it seems the market is flooded with them and so this is such a nice change, and the 2 player mode is really enjoyable with a friend.

    It has fantastic gameplay, beautiful levels and a gripping story, spyro and cynder are 2 very loveable characters and you feel for them through out the game.

    Ignore people who slam this game, try it out and you will not be disappointed

    Btw i'm now hooked on the story and will defo be picking up the 2 previous titles to complete the trilogy

  4.  A Bore Like You've Never Experienced Before


    Watched my 10 year old brother complete the story in under a day... and I will only be playing myself for the trophies which, my mate has already got the plat in under 2 weeks playing on and off.
    The story its self is very lame and pretty much the same old same. Unless you really like ww2 style that is.
    The online is well lets face it, would never be what cod4 ever was. The games just seem so slow and not much going on (if u can manage to actually play one) unlike the endless fast action of cod4. And the dogs are laughable compared to the chopper.

    The 2 player mode is fun though as your playing against each other for points, and you can mega glitch the game =D (Ashpop)

    All in all I wasn't expecting much and I wasn't let down, after I've got the trophies I will return to cod4's killer online mode and never bother with this ones.
    Even my brother got board of this so called "game of the year"
    If you want a new shooter which is different go for resistance 2 hands down over this and you will not be disappointed trust me.