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  1.  Not very practical, but brilliant nevertheless.


    This pen knife not very practical as far as pen knifes go. It is not the type of pen knife you would take camping, fishing, use to cut string, whittle wood or really cut anything apart from perhaps paper or cello-tape.

    The pen knife is, however, remarkably compact. It is only a few millimeters thick and will easily fit into a credit card slot in a wallet. The scissors work well for there size and the other additions - such as screw driver or tweezers - are good for fixing perhaps small electronics.

    The pen knife seems more for office use than anything. It has a small pen - among various other standard additions - which would be good for those who like to do the crossword on the train but never have a pen.

    If you like gadgets then this would be a perfect little buy, but if you want a pen-knife for demanding or practical use such as a camping/hunting/fishing holiday, I would probably recommend one of the full multi-tools. This pen knife really would not be able to cut it. (Couldn't resist it)...

  2.  A brilliant read!


    QI: The Book of General Ignorance is a brilliant read. It is witty, well written and factual. without being laden with dull statistics or uninspiring information. The book is a great buy for anyone who likes the show, or anyone who simply likes a good, instant read.

    There are some brilliant facts in the book, and many acquaintances of mine have been quite annoyed when I correct many of their "facts", such as; how many wives Henry VIII actually had, who invented the steam engine, what animals can best survive a nuclear explosion and many more.

  3.  Hollow characters and thin plot!


    The various camera views from person to person made it hard to really attatch yourself truelly to any character and the fact that there where very few moments of insight or intimacy with anyone in the film made the characters seem very hollow. It almost seemed, towards the end of the film, that you did not care about what happened to the actors. The film really did not draw you in and was seemingly quite a desperate attempt at simply showing (to an annoying and rather poncy extent) the "patriotic" American. The film - plot wise - lasts only 20-25 minutes but keeps skipping back to fill in the blanks for another hour which, after the 3rd or 4th flash back, gets EXTREMELY tedious. Overall, unless you really do like this style of filming, I doubt you would enjoy the film and I would not recommend this film.

  4.  Entertaining and probably worth watching!


    The general plot to the movie was good, if a bit predictable. The movie does, however, house some good little twists and has quite original characters and character backgrounds. The movie was obviously not a high budget film, but was not badly made and possessed a novelty British charm. As many people have said, Jennifer Ellisons main role does seem to appear to be swearing constantly and looking attractive - both fields of which she excels in - but the most of the actors do not do a bad job for a reletively amateur cast. To anyone who enjoyed other horror comedies such as "Slither" or "Shaun of the Dead" I would recommend this as a worth-while watch, but you would probably never want to watch it twice.

  5.  Nice little bit of kit!


    Its a great little bit of kit. Its pretty small and does not take up any space. The cord is short and so doesn't get in the way, and a nice little green light is on the top to tell you when its on. It runs straight off the computer with no instillation or additional energy required and looks a lot nicer in real life than the picture above as well, having simple curved edges and a shiny black finish to give it a nice modern aesthetic. It is all round cheap, small, aesthetically pleasing and well functional. Highly recommended.