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  1.  Fail


    Intermitent at best. found myself having to angle the transmitter/ reciver to get any signal. When this was achived the ir barely worked at all having to literally tape the ir transmitter to the ir eye on the box where the signall was coming from. I was only using it over a max distance of 10 feet with only one partition wall inbetween. poor effort. threw it in a box after a few weeks and havent looked back!

  2.  A worthy Blu


    I am a huge fan of all the films, having seen all at the cinema and owning all the dvd's since release. After owning a blu player for a couple of months, I felt xmas was a good time to treat the mrs and I to the trio. After watching the first blu i felt a bit let down, thankfully this was a big improvement. A good conversion to blu, with great detail in picture and depth in sound. It would seem some people need to set up there surround sound, saying that this film was a let down in the sound department. This is one of the few film sound tracks that made me react to audio, so much so I looked at the corner behind me to see what was coming!

  3.  1080?


    I am a huge fan of the series having seen all at the cinema and bought all at the dvd's. I would have given this 5 stars but I think the picture quality is a let down! there was not much differance other than the smoothness of panning shots, in comparison with an upscaled dvd. The sound quality is an improvment, but as far as blu ray conversions go they could have done better,lacking in colour and depth, still a great film!

  4.  OK but


    Does wot it says, just about. Does not have the 8 hrs play time, 5 mabe. Plus Wii has to be on to charge!! I have tried to use my pc to charge via usb but no joy.

  5.  Wots all the fuss?


    Good product, have owened for nearly a year still works just fine. Would be 5 stars BUT you cant leave covers (silicone) on to charge, it can be a little fiddly to charge with the strap string getting in the way! They hold charge just fine even if i havent used for a month! would recomend to any one, just treat like a mobile phone to condition batt, 1 long charge then totall disscharge :-)

  6.  Gutted


    Paid twice this price. Awsome game still recovering from last weeks blisters!!! One thing i will say is the wii board needs to be bigger if like me you have big feet (11+ im13), expect your feet to hang over the edges. I have found this to be the biggest prob oh and the blisters :-) hope they release a wii xl for europe (or maybe its just me)