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  1.  Fantastic value


    For those of us who can remember this when it first came out it will bring back so many happy memories of the 60s scene.
    David was so uncomplicated then and his songs relected this.To have the album in both mono and stereo and a bonus disc of alternative recordings,demos and singles is truly mouthwatering.
    Just a wonderful piece of pop history.

  2.  The end of Disney as we know it


    Do you remember the days when disney films used to be funny,entertaining and left you with a good feeling.Well those days have long gone with this latest film.If entertainment for you is watching a couple of people very much in love being heartbroken at not being able to have children.The husband watching his wife die whilst being hooked up to drips in her arm and finally distraught at her funeral then this is for you. The film continues with unfunny violence (remember when someone got hit on the head and they would see stars and a huge glowing lump would appear)well this has been replaced with a deep bloody gash.
    The film is not at all funny and has a terrible wafer thin storyline...avoid at all cost.

  3.  Celebration


    The remastering of the sound blows your mind away..All of the tracks come alive and are simply stunning.
    This is the album to show your system off..Breathtaking!

  4.  The Dambusters


    This transfer to Blu Ray is terrible.The picture quality is awful and the sound is no better. There are no extras on the disc and my 42" plasma TV was unable to convert the 4.3 ratio to 16.9.

  5.  David doing what he's best at


    In my youth i used to have this on a dodgy bootleg,i thought it was great then and its even better now.This is David at his very best doing what he is brilliant at..not only do you get the complete show but now a dvd of the concert with a stunning dts soundtrack.David is one of the few people in the world who captures your attention and leaves you wanting more.There is something in this release for everyone..Go get it you will not be disappointed.

  6.  Fight Night Round 4


    Fantastic game...Have not stopped playing it since i bought it...Every aspect of the game is brilliant..Graphics,gameplay,ease of use it ticks all the boxes..So refreshing to find a game of this quality

  7.  Scary Movie


    This film is so funny from start to finish..put plenty of cushions on the floor cos one scene in particular will have you falling out your chair laughing..and by the way it looks great on Blu Ray too.

  8.  Scary Movie 4


    After the poor offerings of 2 and 3.5 of the series Scary Movie 4 is back to the standard of the original...Maybe I enjoyed this so much owing to it covering spoofs of films I was familiar with but I thought it was brilliant from start to finish... I never tire of watching it and always find something new in it..The transfer onto Blu Ray is everything you would expect..If you like War of the Worlds,Saw and The Village, buy it,you will never stop laughing.

  9.  Bolt


    I love Disney and Disney/Pixar films...So much so that I have all the theatrical releases.however since Brother bear and the dreadful Chicken little I think Disney films in particular have been in steady decline. Maybe its because I am getting old but Disney should return to the cartoon values they were so good at. I found Bolt very boring and predictable. As a completist it will remain next to Meet the Robinsons on the shelf but i doubt I will ever watch it again.

  10.  Van Helsing


    Trade in your dvd copy for this...Looks great on Blu Ray and now has a dts soundtrack.