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  1.  Give it Chance!


    At first this machine can be very stressful to set up, but this is only from expecting to much at once. I would be lying if i said "Samsung have done a excellent job" because they haven't, but once you get it all set up it can be very useful.

    -Record onto DVD.
    -Play Video files from USB flashdrive, USB portable hardrive and store them onto the system itself!.
    -Use one remote for both TV and System through AnyNet +
    -Pause Live TV through TimeShift function
    -HDMI socket with upto 1080p upscaling

    -Can crash and freeze during use.
    -Use of the system can be quite slow.
    -You have to have it on stand-by to record programs from the guide.
    -AnyNet+ stuggles to live up to its name - even with my Samsung TV.
    -Unit takes a while to turn on
    -Confusing to set up
    -Picture doesn't live up to HD

  2.  Why Spend more?


    Wanted something to wake me up in the morning with the sounds that i enjoy, this is perfect :) for 17.99 you can't go wrong - charges and plays music with my 4th gen ipod,also has no problem with setting up an alarm with it. Sound quality is brilliant for a docking station of this price. the system includes great features like: FM Radio, Aux connection, light/time Dimmer and comes with a nifty remote control. 5 stars all the way :)

  3.  Comfort


    I first used one of these keyboards at my college and i thought what a great design , So i thought ill have a look on play.com at the keyboards and saw the exact one. So i replaced my old mikomi uncomfortable one with this fantastic,quiet and comfortable one no keystamping needed.

  4.  All in ONE


    I bought this printer for £29.99 and thought what a great price it was for a all in one printer.i was weary of the german language problem but it wasnt a problem for me when i got hold of my dx4400 as it took only 20 - 30 mins to set up and have printing and scanning in no time.it takes some time to print things hench the 4 star rating but still comes out with good quality prints at a low price. The scanning is clear and crisp and good for uploading old photos to myspace etc.the instuctions are good , but men dont read instructions and i got it working in half an hour.i recommend this printer to a person who likes things cheap and cheerfull.

  5.  I use to like burnout..


    I got this for £24.99 when play.com had it on offer and its still not even worth that never mind £39.99. Burnout is more for people who don't like the realistic type of driving games like : pgr etc. Burnout revenge seemed more intense and more of a paradise to me.And crashing is not fun nither are any off the races. Spend your money on something worthwhile and not this.

  6.  Great Sound !


    For £10 you can't go wrong with these , I use them for my computer and TV and the sound quality is really quite good.For a make like Sony u'd expect to pay double the price but thats play.com for you.

  7.  Give It Chance !


    I understand that Rafael Nadal is not on the 360 version , but it doesnt make this a bad game. I cant understand why ps3 have rights over Nadal because Top Spin was originally a Xbox only game.Top Spin 3 Seems differcult at the start because you dont really understand what the hell your doing. Then it grows on you as you learn and understand how to play it. It doesn't seem fun at first but the realism works and it becomes fun when you get good at it. The learning curve took about 2 - 3 hours. The Career Mode has always been good on Top Spin and its changed alot since the first Top Spin but still works well , with all the popular makes clothing your created character.
    Give Top Spin 3 a try ..But give it chance !