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  1.  Not as much horror, more thriller puzzle.....


    Kill List is a very strange film. Not in a bad way though. I saw this with two friends who didnt like it purely because by the end they didnt understand it. I on the other hand enjoyed it thoroughly because it keeps making you ask questions. As an audience we shouldnt just sit back and numbly watch a film, we should be thinking about what we are watching. This is what you get from Kill List.

    The film is obviously dark because of its subject matter but it is done in a good structure. The beggining of the film shows family life of two ex-soldiers and refurs to events that we as the audience do not understand and then after the first 20 minutes or so we are shown the ugly side of the protagonists life as he and his friend take on a list of people they need to kill. The film centres around "Jay" and so during the film you start to wonder what exactly has happened to him to make him like he is. The film can be quite violent but even these scenes had me asking "Why?".

    That is why I think this film works well because it keeps you thinking and to be honest even now I have not fully unravelled the story in my head.

    Well directed and very well acted. Much better than a lot of hitman films. Not a film for the passive viewer.

  2.  A gory thrill ride to space


    I traded in Farcry 2 for this game..... and this is better. So if your going to buy one or the other i suggest this one. Its a completely different type of game and iv written about Farcry too so you can look at that if you want. This has the atmosphere of "Alien" but i thought lacked the scaryness. It is quite scary but a game thats scarier and more tense is Condemned 2 if the horror is what your after. Sayin that Dead Space does have its scary moments and the way that it is made has lights popping all around you and you are never quite sure if there is something following you or not. Basically in my opinion a first person game is more likely to scare you than a third person but that depends on your point of view. This game is very gory and where ever you go there are body parts and blood all over the place and the fact that you can blow pretty much anything off of your enemies is a good feature. Anyone who loves horror films or games will love this and all together its a lot of messy fun.

  3.  One of my top 5 games ever


    Firsty - I know that a lot of people have had big problems with the lag on this game so people are going to be wary of that when they buy it but what you should know is that THERE IS A PATCH COMING THIS MONTH (JANUARY) THAT THE COMPANY HAS SAID WILL FIX EVERYTHING.

    Anyway i havnt had any problems and im ashamed to say ive spent 110 hours on it. Thats probably the most hours ive spent on any game considering I dont consider myself a "gamer".

    You will get completely lost in this game and the annoying/good thing about it is that you will try and play the main story but then get sidetracked by 10 hours because you've found something else to do! The game is huge, ive played it for a long time and stil havnt found/been everywhere and still have no where near done all the storylines.

    The other unique aspect to the game is that you can be whatever you want to be and be better at whatever you want to be better at. I.e. upgrading your magic and being a beast at that instead of using weapons.

    If you want a good game where you can improve your character and find all sorts of cool weapons and explore for hours then get this.

    P.s. the graphics are awesome

  4.  Bliss album


    I personally loved the original album and all this one does is make it a better experience. A lot of people were disappointed with Tiesto's album because the amount of trance was some what reduced but with this remix album he has remixed a couple of songs himself and made them sound brilliant! The remixes by Nic Chagall and Phillip D are my favourite and make the tracks sound that bit extra trancy. So anyone who loved the original album (or didn't) will love this.

  5.  Perfect western


    This is one of Rockstars best games in my opinion. The graphics is very detailed in every way even down to the way the horses muscle moves when sprinting. You have a lot to do which i think is where GTA 4 went wrong. You can complete the games missions and still have over 15 hours of game play left to get you to the 100% mark. The game is true to the old west and is very violent, very realistic and very good.

  6.  Dont believe hype, dont read hype, watch with an open mind


    Too many people go into a film nowadays and just think; (It is just a film, hope it has good special effects). Hardly anyone watches a film and immerses themselves in it or makes themself believe that it is real. This is the problem with cinema nowadays. People tend to just want to be wowed by special effects and no character development. That is why I think a lot of people do not like this film. I think it is brilliant. It has a tense build up to a finishing 45 minutes of scares. The acting is great and convincing and the way that it is directed and shot is superb. A lot of the acting is improvised which makes the whole thing better because the actors react to things happening with real emotion. You may have heard that the film was done on a shoestring budget but you will be surprised how good the special effects are and you will be sitting there wondering how they managed to make everything look so real. On the front of the film it says; (Keep telling yourself it is only a film). I disagree with this completely. Watch EVERY film and keep telling yourself it is real and then you might get a better experience out of it.

  7.  Album that highlights why he is the best DJ


    Cant begin to describe how much i actually love his new remix's of In my memory, Just be and In the dark. So good to hear him remixing his old classics. Other tracks that you cant get anywhere else such as Magikal Circus and Goldrush are amazing! This album highlights all of Tiesto's best work and the second disk has tons of brilliant remix's that other trance DJ's have tried their hands at. One of the best Tiesto albums to date because of the pure epicness of the man and the music! Any Tiesto fan will LOVE this as i do.

  8.  Seriously whats going on


    The game is OK. But thats it. It feels and plays exactly the same as GOW and copys it in every single way. The camera angles (although dantes is worse) the way you move bits of scenery to get to somewhere else, the fighting style, the combo moves i could go on. But at the end of the day its NO WAY NEAR as good as GOW. I thought it would have a good story and be very gory fun with loads of enemys and good detailed levels. I thought this because of the videos that were released about it but for example, lust took me 15 minutes to complete. It was bad! You meet every enemy that you will see in the game in the first circle of hell and they will keep popping up in every scene stopping you from getting everywhere. You will think, "Oh great ill get to see a new thing this time" but then its exactly the same BORING things that you have already fought. Every circle of hell is the same theres nothing unique about any of them and its really easy to find all the hidden stuff in the game theres no challenge at all. It is a good game for someone that does not have a clue about God Of War but if you have played GOW you will find it boring, repetetive and unintresting.

  9.  Bought this without owning a PSP


    I dont own a PSP but bought this because of how amazing the other two titles were and i didnt want to miss out so i waited for my mate (who lives abraod) to bring his PSP over and we played it and completed it. The makers have managed to keep the stunning visuals and gameplay/combos even though they had a lot less to work with using the PSP. The game is amazing and fits in nicely with the story of the other games. Still gory, still fun, still kicks a**

  10.  Finally


    This is wicked. I've been waiting for it for months and was listening to his tracks as he released them separately. When I heard I will be hear it grew on me n now I love it, the first track on the album is the best I think but the rest are not a let down, they are different though. So don't buy it expecting no change or the same old thing because its not like his other music. But its bliss and its Tiesto trying out new things and its amazing! Turn up loud, dance and chiiilllllllll!