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  1.  Amazing sound, flimsy design.


    I always usually buy skullcandys, but after having to buy a new pair every 2 months, I looked elsewhere.

    And here I came; the sennheiser CX300's.

    (I just got them this morning)

    The packaging is awesome, very eco friendly as it's made entirely from cardboard and is very compact!

    When I picked up the headphones, I had doubts because the wire was so thin! If my skullcandys broke every 2 months, will these break sooner due to a flimsier design?

    Also, the input isn't gold plated, so if you move it around whilst it's plugged in you will have loss of sound/quality, something that isn't helped by it's 'L' shaped design.

    Now, on to what the earphones really excel in; their sound.

    The quality is much better than my skullcandys! It has more bass to it and is louder too, which will help your MP3/iPhone/Gadget last longer since you can use a lower volume setting.

    All in all, great sounding earphones, but I'm a bit cautious with them due to their flimsy design. Maybe a few weeks down the line I'll have more faith in them, but with a 2 year guarantee, it won't matter if they do break! (Although first I'll have to look into the guarantee to see how to use it)

  2.  wow


    this game was totally awesome!!!
    loved the whole assasination thing!the best game for the 360 yet!

  3.  A Secret Weapon


    Excellent quality t-shirt, id wear it every day if it washed itelf and all the ladies love it ;)

  4.  Awesome


    This has got to be the best fighting game on the xbox 360 so far. its challenging, has a few new characters and you gotta say it, has ALOT of bouncy boobies :P
    But be warned, if you ever go on DOA4 online, remember that whoever you are, the japanese will own you! i fought against one and im sure he was pulling off some illegal moves there:P
    anyway, great fun, especially fighting against m8s because we all have our particular favourite (mine being the drunk guy :P) and its interesting to see who will win.
    An overall great game ^^

  5.  Fun


    I gotta be honest, the game is kinda rubbish and can be very annoying. there's not many save points, when you guide the survivors, i leave them to die as they have the iq of a vegetable. the guys in raincoats are annoying as when they spray you, you get stripped of weapons (and clothes :/)
    So now i just mess around on it, killing zombies, dressing in funny clothes and killing any boss i can, not bothering with the main storyline...
    So overall its great fun, if u dont play the main storyline :P

  6.  Size


    An awesome T-Shirt for any MCR fan, great price too, but not every MCR fan is an XL.....
    Dont they do medium??