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  1.  Thrash like it used to be! Oh I can smell the mosh pit now!


    Kreator have been around a long time, since 1986 with the release of the EP "Flag Of Hate" which was a brutal in your face thrash metal onslaught that made no excuses for itself. Ever since then they have been constantly producing probably the best european thrash that money can buy. The fact that they are still around today some 22 years since their first release is testament to their musical ability.

    For me their peak was with the release of "Extreme Aggression" in 1989 which was an album with no weak tracks at all. An album with some riffs and solo work that could take your face clean off, and drumming that could pound your face in then kick you square in the face...and I'm glad to say that with the release of "Hordes Of Chaos" Kreator have regained their hard edge that they had in their youth. This is an album that bucks the trend for long time metal bands. When most bands have toned down their music and gone for a more commercial stance, a stance that would increase their fan base and make them more cash than they could shake a stick at, Kreator have gone back to their roots and come up with an all out thrash album...THRASH MY FRIENDS IS BACK!!!

    The whole album is tight and maintains a constant pace from the opening riff of "Hordes of Chaos". There is some classic Kreator guitar riffage and awsome solo work to be found on the album, with the drums pounding out the pace of each song as if it spat out of bowls of hell. There is riffs aplenty that will have you pumping your fist in the air and banging your head like you were a teenager back in the 80's.

    All in all, when this album becomes available, if you like your thrash metal then you had better get this album, you won't be dissapointed. If you wondering how I can review it...well I bought it from Russia where they have a different set of rules to the rest of Europe.

    Bring on a European tour, now that would be the icing on the cake.


  2.  Thrash Metal did not die. It just took a vacation!!!


    If like me, you were a teen around the late 80's early 90's and you were into the metal scene then you will know who Sacred Reich are. If you are a new age metal fan (or whatever "label" they are using these days) then you need to own this CD.

    In the late 80's and early 90's you basically had the BIG four thrash bands, Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth. These were the bands that dominated the scene, in part because they were awsome and in part because of the capital invested in them by the record companies. Most of the other bands had smaller production budgets but got by on sheer talent and awsome live shows.

    Sacred Reich were one of the best thrash bands around and if you listen to a lot of todays metal bands you will no doubt hear where those influences came from.

    Sacred Reich's music is a combination of both speed and slow grinding riffs with many tempo changes that keep the songs as fresh today as when I first took the vinyl LP out of the sleeve all those years ago. Just listen to the track Surf Nicaragua and you will be hooked.

    For you money you get their first LP and EP and a bonus DVD, so you have excellent value for money.

    If you want to know where the roots of todays metal came form buy this.

    ...Oh the days before barriers in front of stages, when you could stage dive to you hearts content...

  3.  One word...AWSOME! WooHoo!...Ok then two words!


    I can't believe that noboday has reviewed this movie yet, it's been out since 1992!

    Ok then here goes...This movie is quite simply awsome. Thats it, just buy it...go ahead, click "buy now", you will not be dissapointed.

    The film is a romantic comedy about ballroom dancing, and funnily enough I normally don't like romantic comdies or ballroom dancing, but this movie pulls it off with both style and flair and has you loving it before you even realise whats happening. The final dance scene will simply knock you out, drag you around the floor pick you up again and then slap you around the face.

    Just buy it...OLAY!

  4.  A solid movie tie in.


    This is a solid movie tie in, that is both fun to play and nice to look at, unlike some other movie based games that simply cash in on a movies success and offer very bad gameplay in return.

    Admittedley it is aimed at children, but im 36 and I'm still enjoying playing it...so what does that tell you???

    The game is pretty faithful to the movie and the characters look as they are supposed to and they sound like they are voiced by the actual actors involved in the movie, which is a good thing. The graphics are good but nothing spectacular, but then again they do resemble the cartoon nature of the film, so thats ok. The controls at times can be a little tricky on certain parts of the game, but with a little practice, hair pulling and screaming at the tv you should get the hang of it.

    The biggest gripe really is the save feature, you have to reach certain checkpoints of levels to save the game and if you don't the next time you load the game you have to re-do the whole level again...which on some levels can be a bit of a pain.

    But overall, if you liked the movie (oh, and your kids of course) then you'll not be dissapointed by this game.

  5.  Can you complete the game 100%...Go ahead punk!!!


    Quite simply stunning. Please feel free to go an d get an orange marker pen and add another star to your monitor. It really is that good.

    If you are familiar with the previous Ratchet games then you will be able to load the game up, grab the game pad and jump right into the thick of it. Thats not to say that this is just a graphicially superior clone of the other Ratchet games...it not.

    The graphics are stunning, and some of the worlds have to be seen to be appreciated. The sound is also first class, so crank up those surround sound systems and sit back and enjoy.

    The game itself is MASSIVE, spread across a lot of different and very diverse planets and there are some very impressive end of level bosses which really show off the PS3's graphical prowess. There are some...how can I put it?...INSANE weapons that you can purchase and upgrade to even INSANER levels of power. Each weapon has a different effect on the enemy so you will have to discover which weapon to use against which enemy, as some will have no affect at all and you will end up getting your ass kicked!

    There are also countless hidden bolts, crates, areas, blueprints and weapons to keep you playing for hours on end.

    So be warned, this game is more addictive than crack. If you buy it then you can kiss you family and friends goodbye...(until you have finished it 100% that is...which will take a LONG time!!!)


  6.  A giant leap backwards for racing kind!!!


    Oh dear...oh dear...oh dear!

    What have EA gone and done with the Need For Speed franchise? Totally messed it up if you ask me, this game is to be avoided like the plaugue if you are a fan of the more recent need for speed games.

    If you are into free roaming round a huge city then think again, in this game you cant, it is purely event based, taking away a huge fun part of the game in one fell swoop!

    The game play is flat, the graphics uninspiring and the cars handle like shopping trolleys with a buckled wheel.

    To sum it up, take your £40 and spend it elsewhere or buy a previous need for speed title...even ridge racer 7 is better than this poor effort.

    It would appear that they are simply cashing in on a succesfull but dying franchise.

    Total rubbish!!!