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  1.  It seemed so real...


    First things first. Stephenie meyer is an amazing writer. I really do mean that. When i was younger i used to read all the time but as the years went on i stopped 'cause you know, it's not cool, is it? I would like to thank stephenie meyer for getting me back into the habit. I can't keep a book down now! Stephenie is a very talented woman and people should give her more credit rather than worshipping the actors in the film *cougg-edward cullen-ggghh*.
    Twilight is a story about a girl named isabella who moved to a wet and cold forkes (washington) from a sunny phoenix. She seems to make friends quite quickly but a certain guy takes her eye. His name is edward cullen - and he happens to be a vampire. As they get to know each other, the dangers just get worse....
    Stephenie has a knack at describing the expressions on many of the characters faces which most writers forget to mention or don't write in such detail.
    This book is a must have if you are a fan of the film that came out last month. I'll be looking forward to reading the sequels of twilight because i'm sure they'll be just as great.

  2.  Left me wanting more!


    This film is so good! It was funny and sad.
    I think most of the laughs were for the wrong reasons for me and my friend. We were laughing mainly at the look of the vampires - especially Carlisle and Jasper. Carlisle looked like the ice man from Santa Clause 3 and Jasper just looked...funny, well until the action began.
    Due to the books this film has a reputation of being a girly, romantic film - well it is but not at the same time. There is a bit of action like when she nearly gets smashed by a car, when she gets cornered by a gang of drunks and at the end with the scary vampire, James. The best bit is when he breaks her leg by stamping on it. Vicious!
    Over all it's a good film - for boys and girls. Funny for so many reasons, most for the wrong ones.
    Buy it!

  3.  Could have been better....


    The lineup of the cast was excellent, the storyline sounded great so I couldn't wait to see it. I was kind of disappointed.
    There are some laughs but very few. It could have been soooo much better! But no.
    I'm not saying it's bad, just not great.

    Wait until it's like £3-4.

  4.  Awesome stuff


    I saw this in the cinema today. First showing!
    I had read the first book and was very impressed and i'd thought the film wouldn't have lived up to it.....but it did!

    It still had the loveiness in it but there was a lot more action than in the book.
    The film was sooo good and i'm definately going to preorder it.

    Don't be put off if you've never read the book. My friend who saw it with me hadn't read the book but she enjoyed the film as much as me.

    Buy it!

  5.  Sound; perfect, fit is stupid


    The sound on these headphones are awesome.

    But the fit is so rubbish!

    I normally fit in any headphones but clearly not these.

    It's £6 that i'm never gonna get back (i opened the box) ):

    Do not buy!

  6.  One of my favourite horrors...


    After watching this film today I'm still very impressed. Normally I think horrors are pointless dribble because they are all about making as much gore as possible but this film ain't like that. It relys more on it's tension. It's not quite as tense as films such as The Strangers [2008] but seems to have a bit more gore.
    Also unlike many horror films, the couple actually try and escape unlike other cliche horrors where the person is/people are too stupid to run away.
    Also there is a few funny moments in this film which is quite surprising.
    There are a few negative things about this film though.
    The music at the beginning of the film. It sounds more like a spy kind of theme rather than a thriller/horror.
    Also the ending was kind of weak. It's left me wanting more. You have to guess the ending which sometimes annoys me.
    But over all this is a great horror/thriller film and my favourite out of all of the ones I have watched.

  7.  A decent, kid-friendly comedy....


    The synopsis is: a guy name Barnelbee (I think that's how you spell it) is graduating and has applied for a place at the Harmon college only to find that he hasn't been accepted. His mum and dad are really disappointed with him so he pretends he got into another college which him and his friends made up. But word gets out about this college and all of the rejects who didn't get in attend this non-existing college and it all goes wrong as you can imagine...
    It is a decent comedy and I'd recommend buying it for someone for christmas...

  8.  It has improved my thinking certainly...


    Another great game for the DS. Brain Training offers you a range of tasks to improve your thinking ability. From Suduko to multiplications, this game has everything to improve your thinking power within weeks!

  9.  Another great Sims game


    Sims games are awesome and this is no exception. Yeah, the graphics are a bit naf compared to the new Sims games but it still has two great modes - story & free. This is better than the Sims 2 because you can have kids on here and babies and swimming pools but the Sims 2 has a better choice of clothing.
    So, if you're a fan of any Sims game then buy this to add to your collection!

  10.  This is a good film


    I never have been a fan of Johnny Cash but I watched this anyway because it was on the telly. It was very good. Showing the life of Johnny Cash. It seemed to focus more on the girl he really wanted than the music but oh well.