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  1.  All Done Before


    This is by far the worst BATMAN game in the ARKHAM SERIES!!!! It's nothing new and it's all been seen and done before!!! They throw in more bosses to take down,but in the process dilute the game!!! They expanded the city in which BATMAN is patrolling,but the streets are empty?! Where are the civilians he's protecting??? Making the city bigger doesn't make it better!!! Where is ROCKSTEADY when you need them most!?

  2.  Men Of War:Vietnam


    My father's war!? I know the series is damn hard,but this is crazy hard!!! I've stopped playing now on mission 3. They've made this one a little too damn hard! The fun is gone! I mean I'm playing easy and it feels like mega damn hard!!! My advise play at your own risk!!!



    The 1st installment. I was a little late on the whole Batman series. Better late than never. I just finished this one when I received Batman Arkham City. What can I say that hasn't already been said? It's a great game!!!



    This is a great game!!! I have no negatives about this game!!! Highly recommended!!! You do need a good to great graphics card. Me,myself i5 2500k GTX 570 SLI!!!



    I've watched this film only once.I didn't watch the whole,because I couldn't.I'm an ex U.S. Army Ranger!! I've fought in Iraq.I know what it's like to lose your brothers & sisters.This film made me re-live things I never wanna re-live again!!! It hurt me so bad,that I couldn't watch it.War is hell!!! They say if I come back here in the so called real world and kill I go to prison.What people don't realize about people like us is there is no on off switch!!! Once you've killed another human being you're never the same again.

  6.  MOW


    This is the hardest RTS game I've ever played!! I bought this game back in '09. It was so hard it kept putting me off. finally this year I picked it up again and decided to give it another try.I must say I'm not at all disappointed!!Forget about CoH.That dance has been done.This is what RTS should be about!! Plain and simple ass kicking fun!!!

  7.  MOW:Assault Squad


    Just recieved this game last week and it's great! Not as hard & difficult
    as the 1st installment.I bought MOW in '09.I just finished the 1st installment. The original is quiet hard to play and get into,but once you do it's great!! The only disappointments here are the missions per country are too short.Has a few bugs that need to be worked out.
    This game is highly recommended!!!

  8.  tom clancy's H.A.W.X. 2


    Not as good as the 1st go round. Some missions are cool and some are just ok. This I must say is a bit disappointing,not at all what I expected. The graphics are great!! I have 1 big complaint with this online junk!! You can only play the game being online!!! The mess you have to go through to get started playing is unbelieveable!! DRM can go to hell!!!

  9.  RUSE


    The worst RTS game I've ever played!!! I hate this new concept they're trying to use for rts!! I'm oldschool baby and thats how I like it!!! My advice just don't buy it!!!

  10.  NFS:Hot Pursuit


    I just recieved the game today. It's great!! I don't have any problems with crashes. Its been a long while that I could say something good about this series.Graphics are great!!