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  1.  Good game BUT Guitar Hero is now being ruined.


    First of all, let's start with the game... It has some, not all of of the Greatest Hits from Guitar Hero games on this paticular game. The game isnt very popular and when I play online on Xbox LIVE nobody seems to ever want to play online. I used to love Guitar Hero but as soon as RockBand hit the stores I went out and bought it, and what a great decision that was! RockBand is much more fun and hardcore rhythm game style. If you're looking for family gaming then Guitar Hero World Tour is the game for you, unfortunately Guitar Hero are releasing too many games at the moment! Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero Greatest Hits and soon to be coming are Guitar Hero Van Halen and Guitar Hero 5!

  2.  For the price, bargain.


    For the price this TV is excellent. Full HD with 2x HDMI ports, the only let down is the audio. It sounds very low quality and tinny. I recommend buying some external speakers such as the Logitech Z4's for around £50 or the Z4i's for £45 (Same speakers but the i's are white) In total you're paying around 3250 but for this kind of TV. Bargain. Highly recommended.

  3.  Highly recommended.


    These speakers sound great, look great and are at a great price. Easy set-up and shouldn't take no longer than 5minutes. If you like to blast out your music these are recommended.

  4.  One of my best buys.


    This game is just amazing. Hours of gameplay, fun and addictive. I totally recommend buying this. If you're a PS3 owner this is a must have! Out of all games i've played, there has NEVER been one like this. Even on Xbox 360 or whatever. Nothing! Must have! Buy away!

  5.  Very good product


    This product is very hand to many xbox live users. It is the least ammount of points you can buy on the market from shops without using your credit card to buy points online via your xbox live account. It is reasonably priced and is a great way to stop people spending money for added points which they don't even need or use on xbox live marketplace content. It can be spent on anything at all and i am buying mine not for gta: Tlad, but for future map packs on cod: World at war. Overall this is a great produce for somebody wanting to buy a low ammount of points without using a credi card on their xbox live account. If you're looking for a low ammount of points to spend on the marketplace. Then go for these, they're reasonably priced and very good if you don't want many and/or left over points. Hope this helps you guys!

  6.  Overall - Great!


    My brother owns one of these where as i only own a normal standard 20GB premium. I play on it from time to time and i think they are much better than the original premiums. They're much smarter looking and quieter.

    The HDMI is also another great feature included in the console. The price is excellent as always with play.com

    There aren't many more features to the premium other than HDMI, but for the price differece its all worth it. They have a lower chance of breaking. i.e Red ring of death. These are much more reliable and actually feel much smarter and you feel as though you've got the best package around. The black finish makes this console real smart and the added 120GB hard-drive is more than enough. But its better to have more than enough. I would reccomend this to anybody looking to buy an Xbox360 and tell them to pick this one. It may be the most expensive, but it's all in the package that you get. Also this comes with a 'GOLD PLATED' HDMI cable. Not a cheap one, this is excellent as Sony do not put a HDMI cable in their box at all. Which i feel is very disappointing as you are not able to use the HDMI straight out of the box unless you purchase a seperate HDMI Cable. I would reccommend this to anybody wanting to buy a 360 and tell them to get this. Not one of the lower graded cheaper packages. Its very cheap too compared with the PlayStation3, around a £100 pound price difference. So to you people out there reading this review, buy this if you're looking for a 360. I suppose that this has its up-sides and down-sides but these down-sides are extremley minor and will not affect your gameplay.

  7.  Good Piece Of Kit!


    This is excellent if you're modem router is not near enough to you console for a wired connection to xbox live, however there are downsides to it. First of all, as many people say, this should be automatically built in to the xbox360 just like the ps3. Next, it is overpriced, £55 just to play wirelessly! It is overpriced but it's sure worth buying if it is not possible for a wired connection to xbox live. Many of my mates have these including me and none of us except for one have had faulty ones. I suppose to put a long story short. Excellent! Keep in mind that you should only buy if it is not possible for a wired connection to xbox live. If you have a wired connection you can save your self loads of money!

  8.  Excellent Piece Of Kit!


    i absolutley love this game, excellent all round game. the reason it lost a star is because of packaging. i know this sounds very silly but inside that box are more boxes. have they every heard of recyling? and saving our planet. lol. the delivery was amazing, i ordered it on the monday night and it had reached me by wednesday mid-day. the game takes a little getting used to, e.g, the guitar buttons are more spaced out than the guitar hero gibson. the drums also take a little getting used to... this is because at first you hit the outter of the red and green coloured drums. after a while you get used to it though. if you're looking to buy this excellent piece of gaming kit. then buy it... its an amazing price to. i saved £30 compared to some of my friends who spent £130 just on this, never mind the game!! IT'S EXCELLENT! FANTASTIC! BRILLIANT! buy it!!